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Cloud controlled WLAN

Cisco Meraki

The benefits

Your wireless your way

There is a massive change taking place in the way people use technology which combined with the new generation of technology just available; is leading to major growth in the demand for wireless solutions.

Connectivity is key and we can help with this challenge. The wireless network is a critical factor in ensuring people can connect and collaborate wherever, whenever, and using whatever device they need to.

BT can work with different customer needs, from a fully managed enterprise class solution, to one that’s cloud managed or more ad-hoc.

Cloud based WLAN

Cisco Meraki offers a secure and scalable Cloud Controlled WiFi. It delivers to customers the ability to manage wireless through the cloud, when cloud based management and configuration is required. Cisco Meraki's cloud managed edge and campus networking solutions bring simplicity to enterprise-class networks.

Ease of deployment

It’s easy to deploy. Once you’re all ready to go, it’s as simple as configuring the wireless network settings in the dashboard, mounting and plugging in the access points (APs). The APs then automatically pull configurations from the cloud and self-optimize RF for peak performance. It really is this simple.

Visibility and control

Network administrators get visibility and control without the cost and complexity of traditional architectures through the dashboard. The self-management allows you simple guest (internet only) and corporate access dependent on device (corporate tablet and user provided laptop for example can have different rules).

Guest access

If you want to add guests, your administrator simply goes onto dashboard and creates an account. Or you can allow users to access it without registering

What it costs

The price of the service depends on your requirements, to get a quote click on the ‘Get a Quote’ button or speak to your account manager

The price of the service depends on your requirements, to discuss these and get advice on which solution best fits your needs click on the ‘Get a Quote’ button or speak to your account manager

More reasons to buy

BT and Cisco have a strong Global relationship to help deliver your WLAN requirements using Cisco technology. We can make sure that you get the wireless network you need to help your business drivers.


Available in most of Europe from June 2014. Contact your BT account manager for other countries.