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Secure your network with reliable, scalable, flexible DDI

DHCP, DNS and IPAM (DDI) collectively form the foundation of your IP network. DDI services initialise network and computing elements with their respective IP configurations to enable communications on your network. Without accurate, performant and secure DDI, even basic IP communications would be impossible. DDI automates the provisioning of IP addresses, DNS hostnames and optionally other configuration parameters for each computing device, whether a network, computing or service element, virtual or physical, datacenter, cloud or remote site. Tracking and management of IP address assignments and DNS names for thousands of devices across all of your sites necessitates an IP address management (IPAM) solution that incorporates DHCP, DNS and IPAM. Diamond IP offers you maximum flexibility to manage DDI on your terms with IPControl software, Sapphire hardware and virtual appliances, cloud automation, extensive DNS threat protection, as well as IPAM managed services.

Our IP address management (IPAM) solutions streamline the management of the entire IP address lifecycle. Our patented container feature is just one innovation we've brought to market to allow you to organise your IP address space according to your topology. Allocate blocks and subnets with a mouse click without trying to calculate binary or hexadecimal subnet allocations. And at the same time, automate DHCP pool creation for allocated subnets as well as DNS forward and reverse domains and resource records. In fact you can allocate multiple subnets, each with address assignments, pool definitions, DNS domains and resource records with a single mouse click!

This all gets back to ROI, because it makes people’s lives a whole lot easier. What was a daunting task for one person is now a part-time job for me.”
- Ken Rudolph, Network Engineering – Infrastructure, Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.

The benefits

Reduce costs and effort by automating critical DDI functions

  • Centralised DDI visibility, control and discovery across your network and cloud deployments.
  • Feature-rich DDI enabling management of IPv4 and IPv6 address space from block, subnet, pool, address and DNS records.
  • Time-saving automation tasks to streamline site, subnet and IP assignments and well as cloud virtual machine and virtualised network functions (VNF) provisioning.
  • Single integrated user interface with no additional appliances required for discovery, switch port mapping, reporting, Microsoft support, cloud automation API, query redirection, or DNS threat protection.
  • Security designed in with DNS firewall, threat protection, rate limiting, access controls, and secure purpose-built DDI appliances in physical and virtual forms.
  • Unsurpassed scalability with our solutions being used to manage the largest IP networks on earth.


Product and service availability

Our products and services are available globally.

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Our IPv6 survey results

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