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Achieve business success by capitalising on the choices the cloud now offers


02 December 2016

Neil Lock

Blogs by author: Neil Lock, Vice President Compute, BT.


Digital transformation is changing the way businesses engage with customers, as well as the role of IT. Here’s why the cloud is the catalyst for that change.

Following on from my last blog on how to gain the benefits of hybrid cloud, now I’d like to look at the cloud from another angle — how to make the most of hybrid cloud solutions, once you have them.

Increased choice for customers.

Our customers are facing unprecedented choice as they grapple with new cloud technologies — mixing and matching these to meet their needs. This array of options means customers can access an ever-growing set of cloud applications and services, but it also means they expect more from these.

Businesses of any size are increasingly relying on digital services — something that will help to ensure their success in the future. But there’s no blueprint for this — every business and customer is unique, and they need to be sure that they’re making the right choices in order to achieve their digital possible. A trusted partner can help with this, making sure their clients secure the best possible results from the cloud.

Hybrid cloud is reshaping the IT landscape.

The development of cloud solutions and the rise of hybrid cloud solutions are reshaping the IT landscape and pushing traditional boundaries. And with this transformation comes a need for updated IT skills. Without these, organisations won’t be able to make the most of new developments.

It can seem too complicated and a little overwhelming, but there are ways to navigate this landscape easily and make the most of the choices on offer. Our Cloud of Clouds is a good example of how we’re responding to changes in the landscape — demonstrating how we make it simple for organisations to make the most of these developments.

Technological evolution raises the importance of service.

One of the areas where organisations can’t afford to miss out is customer experience. Customers want great service, consistently — and they’re happy to move to suppliers who can provide this. So businesses need to make sure they stay on top of any technology changes that can improve their customers’ journey.

The key to providing high levels of performance and service is the network. It’s a critical infrastructure that delivers applications to users, so it needs to offer the best in terms of performance, security, agility and service levels.

Making hybrid cloud simple.

It’s through our global ecosystem of partners that we’re able to offer multi-cloud solutions for complex business needs. In fact, 90 per cent of our largest customers are likely to be using hybrid cloud solutions in a few years.

Our partnership with Microsoft gives our customers choice, flexibility and control of their cloud environment. Cloud Connect provides high-performance network connectivity to cloud services from providers, including Microsoft, over our global network. So whether customers are looking to connect to a new cloud service provider or implement a new cloud application, they can implement faster and realise the benefits quicker than ever before.

Our partnerships take you further.

Our Microsoft partnership also gives our customers access to Microsoft’s Azure cloud services, alongside our own public and private cloud services — but without any of the costly management concerns of individual systems and solutions.

Plus, we offer it all as a simple billing service, so access to a variety of cloud solutions is easy and seamless. It’s one of the best ways to leverage combined assets and make the most of hybrid services — all with a level of choice and control that empowers customers.

Getting the best possible business benefits from investment in the cloud is an intricate process. To help you through it, make sure to take a look at my previous blog, where I talked about the benefits of hybrid cloud and achieving your digital possible.