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The benefits and barriers to using the cloud


09 February 2017

John Abel

Blogs by author: John Abel, Head of Technology and Cloud for UK, Ireland and Israel at Oracle


For many businesses, security concerns are a barrier to making the most of the cloud. But BT and Oracle have a solution that keeps customer data safe.

Why customers want the cloud.

Today’s customers see how the cloud is transforming business. It reduces complexity, improves business integration and productivity, and makes it easy to up-scale IT infrastructure to meet the demands of business growth.

Through the cloud organisations access a powerful and a comprehensive portfolio of business applications. And this means that businesses can enable deeper and richer interactions with their end customer, as well as increased business agility and a more productive environment for their employees.

So we’re seeing more and more organisations wanting cloud-based solutions and infrastructure.

There’s no one reason to adopt the cloud.

Because the cloud’s benefits are so varied, there are lots of different reasons that customers choose to adopt it. Many are looking for instant access to infrastructure for test and development purposes or improve productivity through better collaboration, while others simply want to cut the costs of ineffective storage systems.

The important thing to remember is that becoming a digital business starts with the cloud. And, for most businesses, the benefits of this transition are so significant, they begin to integrate more and more digital technology into their processes.

The security risks shouldn’t be ignored.

Even though moving to the cloud helps businesses to improve in so many areas, transitioning to (and using) the cloud isn’t without risks. One of these is that moving data off-premise can make valuable data more vulnerable if data security best practices are not followed.

Our research at Oracle reveals that over 60 per cent of business leaders consider security to be their main concern when considering whether to adopt the cloud. And we continually work to address this. That said, security is also often found as a key driver for moving workloads to the cloud. Cloud Service Providers have been addressing this issue for nearly a decade now and Oracle is no exception.

In fact, that’s why we developed the Oracle Network Cloud Service — FastConnect; to make sure that security concerns don’t prevent people from making the most of the cloud.  Remember, the networking element is as important to secure as the infrastructure and data itself.

A partnership that offers greater protection.

By working in partnership, Oracle and BT provide secure, direct network connectivity through BT Cloud Connect for Oracle FastConnect. BT’s portfolio strategy, Cloud of Clouds, is a powerful combination of cloud services, IT integration skills, a global network and professional security expertise. So it allows customers to connect easily and securely to the applications and data they need, wherever they are.

This makes using the cloud simpler, by providing one resilient, fully-managed connection that gives users access to an innovative suite of application performance management capabilities. It also helps to keep information safe by giving customers control over where their data goes.

This partner ecosystem means that customers have cost-effective access to the services they need, whenever and wherever they need them. Have a look at the website to find out just how BT’s Cloud Connect and Oracle FastConnect can help to overcome security barriers to using the cloud.