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Tip eight - concentrate your security supply chain


24 November 2016

Ramy Houssaini

Blogs by author: Ramy Houssaini, Vice President of Security Europe, BT.


Ramy Houssaini knows cyber security inside out. Here’s the eighth of his ten top tips for keeping your data, and organisation, secure.

Tip eight — concentrate your security supply chain

The market for security is huge, with hundreds of vendors out there. This means that the sector is fragmented, but full of opportunity.

Generally I find that customers work with between 50 and 100 different vendors, and this can lead to siloing and create an integration risk. With so many solutions and suppliers, it’s not a given that all those technologies will work well together.

That’s why my suggestion is to simplify your supply chain.

This doesn’t necessarily mean cutting vendors out of the chain - but rather creating key relationships with trusted strategic suppliers. To stay secure, you need to look for a partner that can help you take your various vendors and solutions, and use them to build a coherent, orchestrated security architecture.

To find out how BT can help you concentrate your security supply chain, take a look at our infrastructure page.

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And keep an eye out for my next top tip, where I’ll give some advice on identifying and looking after your most valuable assets.