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The digital revolution means we need better cyber security


26 September 2016

Global Services

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As the digital revolution builds pace, businesses and public sector organisations need to keep up. To do this, they need to think about cyber security as an enabler.

The fourth industrial revolution.

We’re now on the verge of a new, digital era. One where all sectors can benefit from digital technology, and cyber security will make or break businesses and organisations.

Because every organisation, including yours, will be digital — all will need to deliver a great user experience in order to be competitive. This will also ensure that your organisation is flexible, responsive and innovative, meeting client and customer needs.

But this isn’t possible unless your IT environment is secure. Good cyber security means that your entire operation can run at speed and adapt — building customer trust as well as investor confidence.

Finding your digital possible.

Reaching this level of security and agility isn’t always easy. And it often falls on the CIO to develop strategies and implement processes that meet these goals. That’s why many organisations find that their CIOs are under mounting pressure — facing challenges that include:

  • The board wants the business to digitise.
  • Employees want the same mobile experience at work as they have at home.
  • Customers want to do business through multiple digital channels.
  • Legacy infrastructure makes everything more difficult.

While they grapple with these demands, CIOs are also attempting to sort out piecemeal corporate IT estates, and maintain existing IT systems. When the reality is that they’d rather be searching for innovative new solutions.

It’s important CIOs are supported, and all of these things must be dealt with if you want to achieve success in the digital age. And every one of these factors is linked by one thing — cyber security.

BT, Cisco and cyber security.

Cyber security is something BT and Cisco work closely together on, sharing knowledge, services and expertise — and passing this on to clients. With a ringside view of the fast-developing cyber security landscape, our partnership means we can make sure security measures enable a digital future for your business — rather than hold you back.

Discover more about why cyber security is an opportunity for your organisation to reach its digital possible in our new paper, and look out for our next couple of blogs and infographic where we’ll run through more of the big talking points around cyber security and how it can transform your digital future.