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INFOGRAPHIC: Is success the enemy of collaboration?


16 June 2016

Global Services

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As the most-successful football clubs know, the right team dynamics are vital. Here’s how to get your teams set up to collaborate effectively.

Learn from the collaboration champions.

You’ve got to feel sorry for anyone who isn’t a football fan. For ten months of every year, they have to put up with the near-inescapable fuss that surrounds the game when it’s in season. And the other two months involve lengthy discussions about which player (or manager) will move to which team.

However (despite the silly sums of money involved), there’s a good reason for teams buying new players. The best clubs know that they can’t rest on their laurels. So they bring in players with new skills — players who can offer fresh ideas and make sure the whole team continues to work well together.

Transform your teamwork.

When it comes to your organisation, you don’t have to make new signings every year (or pay exorbitant transfer fees). But you do need to make sure your team can always collaborate effectively. And part of that is knowing how your people work together best.

Check out our infographic below to see why you have to pay attention to the team dynamics in your organisation if you want your people to collaborate effectively.

INFOGRAPHIC: Is success the enemy of collaboration?

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