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Mobile benefits are being stalled by security uncertainty


08 February 2017

Global Services

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For workers and IT departments, there’s a lot of security uncertainty around mobile devices but, with the right tools, any organisation can make the most of the mobile multiplier.

The mobile multiplier

We recently conducted an extensive survey on mobile working in the modern office. And the insights we’ve gained from this research can help your organisation be successful now, and into the future.

Read on to discover more about the fourth of five key trends we identified in the research: security uncertainty — and how it could be holding your business back.

Security uncertainty is two-fold.

Even though mobile working offers so many benefits, lots of organisations are still reluctant to allow their employees to work on the go. And one of the reasons for this is security uncertainty.

Protecting data and systems is a big concern for employers and employees alike. In the case of mobile devices, this concern is two-fold, because physical and online security are both significant risk factors.

According to our research, more than one in ten UK workers has either lost a mobile device that they use for work, or had it stolen. And each incident not only costs their employer to replace the device, but also potentially puts commercial and customer data at risk.

What’s more, almost half of office workers say that employees who store commercially sensitive data on mobile devices are a risk to company information if and when they leave.

Security is stalling mobility.

Our research confirms that lack of knowledge about data security is something that fuels security concerns. And this prevents many organisations from moving towards mobile working — which is holding business back.

The findings show that two thirds of office workers don’t have ID authentication restrictions for work apps, with a similar number unsure whether the information they send via mobile devices is encrypted.

But there are lots of security tools which will mitigate these insecurities and allow workers to use mobile devices with confidence.

Steps to better security.

From encryption, to ID authentication, there are numerous strategies to safeguard sensitive and valuable information on mobile devices.

Yet less than one third of employees are confident that their mobile device can be ‘wiped’ remotely, while even fewer work for an organisation that’s able to track how and where the device is used. And that’s not to mention the personal devices used for work purposes by more than half of office workers.

But with the right tools in place, coupled with greater education about data security, more office workers will be able to enjoy mobile working. And, as our research explains, the mobile multiplier effect means that’s going to be a boon for business.

For more information on how you can secure the devices your people need to work on the go, download the full report, here.