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Is the mobile cost conundrum holding your business back


01 March 2017

Global Services

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Employees want to make the most of mobile working, but the cost conundrum is holding them back.

Today, almost half of all workers use a smartphone to make the majority of their work calls. But even though these employees are trying to capitalise on mobile working, many are held back by an unlikely source: their employer.

Over 71 per cent of UK workers say that their employer actively tries to reduce the cost of smartphone and tablet usage. This means that one in five people regularly run out of mobile data just trying to get the job done.

And it’s cost-cutting exercises like these that can create a false economy — because while organisations save money on data and roaming costs, employee productivity is significantly curtailed.

To find out more about how the cost conundrum could be affecting your organisation, take a look at our infographic, and download the full report, here, for more on making the most of mobile working.