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Sustainability, mobility solutions and new business models


29 July 2016

Martin Hunt

Blogs by author: Martin Hunt, Senior Business Development Director, Automotive Global Industry, BT


We’re committed to creating a better world through communications. And this means taking greater care of our planet.

As part of this sustainability drive, we have a great new white paper to share from Frost and Sullivan — researching new, environmentally-friendly mobility solutions.

These solutions could remove 20 million cars from our roads by 2025, as new business models revolutionise urban mobility. The possibilities are almost endless and will change the way our cities function.

The Frost and Sullivan analysis shows that the cumulative benefits of new mobility business models could give users more than £150 billion in savings, and reduce emissions by over 56 megatonnes (Mt) of CO2 by 2025. Not to mention a further 121 MtCO2e by reducing the number of vehicles manufactured.

These exciting possibilities, and the profound implications for automotive manufacturers, transport operators and the environment, are explored in the paper. Have a read here, and check out the infographic below for more on the sustainability benefits of new urban mobility models.

2025 Potential Benefits of New Mobility Business Models

Download the full report and find out more about how ICT solutions are changing the way vehicles and city transport networks are used.