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Think you know the cloud? Think again


18 August 2016

Global Services

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Adoption of cloud solutions is on the rise, but organisations still aren’t making the most of this groundbreaking technology. Our new white paper explains why.

Welcome to the cloud.

You’ll likely already know what the cloud can bring to your business. Flexibility; cost-cutting; increased computing capacity; applications and services available on demand; and less capital tied up in maintenance-hungry systems; these are all well-known benefits that come when you introduce cloud services.

Less well known, however, is the fact that you can get even more value from your investment if your cloud deployments are part of an optimised strategy.

And that’s what we explore in our new white paper.

Making the most of the cloud.

Created by IDC, and sponsored by BT and Cisco, the white paper’s called ‘Don’t Get Left Behind. The Business Benefits of Achieving Greater Cloud Adoption’.

Based on information from 3,463 executives, the white paper is packed with insightful information for anyone looking to harness the power of the cloud and get more from their cloud investments.

More strategy, more ROI.

One of the key findings in the white paper is that there’s a clear journey for any organisation — from ad hoc use of cloud solutions to a fully-optimised cloud strategy.

And based on information gathered from organisations at different stages on that journey, it’s clear that the more strategic your use of the cloud (including hybrid solutions made up of public and private clouds) — the more return you get on your investment, in both reduced costs and increased revenue.

Yet few businesses are on board.

But the white paper also points out that despite the increased return on investment available, only one per cent of organisations have a fully-optimised cloud strategy.

This is even more surprising given that an optimised cloud strategy can cut IT costs by 77 per cent.

Get the whole story.

And that’s just a taste of what the white paper has to offer. In it you’ll also find:

• a report on how businesses are using the cloud today
• a look at the benefits of hybrid cloud
• a breakdown of how different industries can gain from cloud optimisation.

To get the whole story, head to our website and download the white paper now.