AXIO-NET: Having the entire IT infrastructure managed by BT gives AXIO-NET the security it needs

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With its correction services running in a BT computing centre and out over the BT global network, AXIO-NET provides centimetre-perfect real time positioning data

When laying a pipeline, engineers need centimetre-perfect geographical site measurements. That’s why satellite-based signals are corrected by AXIO-NET and then immediately provided back to its customers.

Using GPRS bearings, a complex procedure notes the position of the measuring device and compares it with the precise location of nearby reference stations. The derived data correction is then transmitted to the measuring device via the mobile phone network virtually anywhere in the world.

That AXIO-NET correction data is calculated at the new virtualised BT Germany computing centre in Frankfurt Sossenheim, behind which stands the BT global network infrastructure for security and real time communication.

Reliable data is fundamental to our business. We simply cannot afford network outages or security lapses.”
- Botho Graf zu Eulenburg, CEO, AXIO-NET GmbH


When it comes to cartography, surveying or machine control, utility, construction, agriculture and forestry organisations turn to AXIO-NET. The company’s data correction services transform relatively imprecise satellite signals into positioning data accurate to the nearest centimetre.

To enable customers to reap the benefits of this facility all elements of the IT infrastructure must interlink precisely. These components include the data network that links the various reference points, the flexible and virtualised computing centre, and the mobile phone network for secure transmission of the data direct to the customer’s satellite receiver.

For this high-tech service to be available both internationally and 24 hours a day, the infrastructure must be in place in every country in which AXIO-NET operates.


The AXIO-NET correction procedure is a highly complex affair that receives the customer’s positioning queries automatically and processes them in real time. The AXIO-NET team focuses on continuous refinement of the application and its algorithms. The AXIO-NET control centre in Hanover manages all the processes remotely.

Since 2008, BT has been responsible for the entire infrastructure, including operation of the network, computing facilities, the operating system and operation of the firewall. When the new BT Germany computing centre in Frankfurt Sossenheim was opened, BT experts migrated the entire platform to a virtualised environment that took the operation to a new level of quality.

The virtualised platform enables AXIO-NET to provide its services on a more modular and more flexible basis than ever before. As the company grows, it can quickly and easily purchase additional computing capacity. Should it stop offering a particular service or if the programmers come up with a new solution, it is straightforward for the IT experts to implement the changes at the computing centre.

Another key factor for AXIO-NET is data protection and the security of its services. Nearly 200 reference stations are linked to the secure and highly available networks. Some of those are stations owned by AXIO-NET, while others belong to the Working Committee of the Surveying Authorities of the States of the Federal Republic of Germany (AdV) in Hanover or the Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG) in Frankfurt.

At the same time, AXIO-NET supplies several thousand customer connections with precise position data that is provided promptly and securely via the BT networks.

The package solution that has been put in place for AXIO-NET, covering the management of business-critical MPLS network services, internet connections, GSM and GPRS connectivity, and the complete IT infrastructure, places operational responsibility for the ICT aspects of AXIO-NET services in the hands of BT.


AXIO-NET can be confident of the absolutely reliable and fully automated operation of its data correction services right round the clock. It can assure its customers of this reliability at any time by pointing to the ISO certifications of the BT computing centre. No matter where or when a customer needs an exact specification of position, the provider can supply it in real time.

The computing centre is the core of an international, highly-secure IT infrastructure. With BT, users have the security of knowing that all customer data is held in Germany and is subject solely to German data protection rules. Via the networks, BT can send all position data to any location in Europe or elsewhere in the world.

Another advantage for AXIO-NET of the modularity and flexibility offered by the virtualised computing centre is that all BT service fees are charged in a clear and structured manner and solely on the basis of the actual computing time and amount of work involved.

“It is unquestionably a convenient solution. Another argument for it is, of course, the economic efficiency that BT offered us and the cost savings that have accompanied the virtualisation of our application,” says Botho Graf zu Eulenburg, CEO of AXIO-NET GmbH. “It represents an excellent combination of quality, flexibility and price.”

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