BT Asset Trace for Openreach

BT Asset Trace for Openreach: Innovative track and trace solution protects high-value assets and streamlines operations.

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BT Asset Trace saves Openreach millions of pounds while improving the UK telecoms infrastructure.

Realising significant cost and service benefits.

When most people think about innovation it brings to mind the latest bright and shiny electronic gadgets. Yet away from the B2C market are truly innovative ideas that make businesses and processes perform better. We all benefit from this, but few can imagine what’s going on behind the scenes.

BT Asset Trace helps Openreach track millions of pounds-worth of vital telecoms apparatus – from humble home hubs to massive drums of copper cable and the superfast broadband cabinets that connect nearly all businesses and homes in the UK.

Customers get superior service. Openreach gets a better bottom line. And the environment’s protected too.


Our use of BT Asset Trace will reduce unnecessary consumption of scarce resources, eliminate disposal of branded items in landfill, and reduce carbon footprints for both BT and its customers.”
- Ian Hill, Chief Sustainability Officer, Openreach

Fast facts.

  • BT worked with Acumentive to customise and embed its SenseAnyWare® application into the BT Asset Trace platform.
  • Using BT Asset Trace for CPE, Openreach has a 95 per cent success rate in tracking modems, saving £950,000 in the first year.
  • In a four-month trial BT Asset Trace for Tools saved £200,000 tracking 35 tool categories held by 1,100 engineering teams.
  • With BT Asset Trace for EFR, supplier warranties can be more easily enforced, yielding estimated savings of at least £6 million annually.
  • Improved product traceability and lifecycle management using BT Asset Trace for Cable and BT Asset Trace for Cabinets.
  • Significant reduction in capital expenditure with much improved customer service.

Accurate, timely, actionable information.

Having global visibility and end-to-end inventory and asset management can help fulfil service obligations, strengthen the balance sheet and improve risk management. BT Trace is an application portfolio that leverages industry leading IT and network technologies for innovative supply chain solutions.

Optimise reusable mobile assets and improve operational efficiency.

BT Asset Trace enables organisations to manage transportable items and mobile assets. It uses barcodes and/or RFID tags and readers to identify and track each asset in a single closed loop environment that can cover your whole supply chain ecosystem, from suppliers to customers.

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