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CEVA Logistics: Global transportation company gets seamless data centre move

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BT eliminates major data centre migration risk for CEVA Logistics

Building a platform for the future

Keen to consolidate its global data centres, CEVA Logistics first had to do some homework. That included relocating a disaster recovery data centre facility from third-party premises to a safer BT-owned site, both in the Netherlands.

Garry May, vice president of data centre management, hoped for a happy and healthy transition. So he engaged a professional services team from BT. They planned and de-risked the work – then flawlessly executed it over a single weekend with zero business impact. Garry got a perfect move while the company got the platform it needs for future expansion.

CEVA LogisticsBT services are a lifeline for our business and the key to our future success. BT adapts seamlessly to our changing needs and never penalises us for things outside the norm. That shows the strength of our partnership.”
- Garry May, Vice President, Data Centre Management, CEVA Logistics

Fast facts

  • Data centre consolidation required for process standardisation
  • Disaster recovery facility relocated to BT premises
  • BT Advise specialists ran risk analysis and developed mitigation plans
  • Migration conducted over a single weekend with zero downtime
  • 10 equipment racks moved; 26TB of data replicated and synchronised
  • Lower cost solution with scope to support business growth

Planning for every eventuality

Relocating a data centre without business disruption requires meticulous planning. BT Advise Compute network and data centre specialists can help. BT takes responsibility for the whole project, working closely with customers to develop detailed risk analysis and mitigation plans.

The best home for an IT platform

Implementing and managing a data centre can be costly. It also consumes resources perhaps better targeted elsewhere. BT Compute Telehousing provides highly efficient accommodation in a secure environment.

Multi-service solution

As well as data centre services, BT provides CEVA Logistics with a global network connecting 600 sites across Europe and South America, complemented by inbound voice, security and internet access services.

All-round logistics improvement

Raising operational efficiency is key to success in the ultra-competitive logistics sector. See how BT networked IT services help to optimise asset utilisation for faster, more accurate delivery. Better supply chain visibility and superior customer service naturally follow.

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