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Etihad Airways: Virtual contact centre drives airline's future success

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BT & Cisco virtualisation ensures customers are treated as esteemed guests wherever their calls land

Building a platform for the future

Ask any manager of a large-scale project what job satisfaction feels like and they’ll tell you it’s about creating a lasting impression. So when Alex Holcroft was asked to run the Etihad Airways contact centre transformation programme he didn’t think twice. Here was a genuine opportunity to drive the airline’s future success.

Alex’s task was virtualising three contact centres – two in the UAE (Abu Dhabi and Al Ain) and one in Manchester in the UK – on a BT Cloud Contact Cisco platform. Now those far-flung locations act in perfect harmony. The airline’s guests are offered a first-class experience in 16 languages across 40 countries. A lasting impression, indeed.

Alex Holcroft, Project Manager, Etihad Airways

I think we’ve made a significant difference to the business. We’ve given them a huge amount of tangible benefit.”
- Alex Holcroft, Project Manager, Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways guests warmly welcomed everywhere with BT Cisco virtual contact centre

Watch how virtualization of Etihad Airways global contact centres is helping set highest quality customer service standards, deliver quantified business results and drive the airline’s future success.

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Fast facts

  • 450 agents acting as one through a virtual contact centre
  • 10 per cent increase in average agent efficiency
  • Integrating two sites in the Middle East and one in the UK
  • Working in 16 languages across 40 countries
  • Time to answer improved by 30 per cent
  • 75 per cent increase in cargo agents’ productivity

Competitive edge with contact centre virtualisation

Contact centres hold out the opportunity to start a great customer relationship from the word go. Companies have to get that right. Etihad Airways sets top-shelf customer service standards through contact centre virtualisation.

Capturing and routing calls around the world

Virtualising the contact centre is the right first step. Handle your global calls with the care they deserve too. Speed their flow from country to country. That’s why Etihad Airways chooses to collect and distribute calls around the world.

Engaging guests through the channels of their choice

Having outbound and inbound calls, email, text, and social media traffic in the same queue gives a 360° customer view. In serving tech-savvy guests, all those channels are open to Etihad Airways through multichannel communication.

Reducing complexity and optimising resources

Easy management comes from putting things like call recording, IVR and workforce optimisation in the cloud. Once-complex issues such as setting up foreign-language IVR menus are simple. And Etihad Airways makes best use of agents with insightful data across all contact centres.

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