Rodenstock GmbH: BT wide area network maximises global supply chain performance

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BT IP Connect global and BT Connect Acceleration optimise vital global supply chain

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of spectacle frames and lenses, Rodenstock operates in a highly competitive marketplace. Hubertus Schilling, Head of IT Operations at Rodenstock, counts on a streamlined supply chain to help maintain and further extend the company’s competitive edge.

BT provides the Rodenstock network that seamlessly connects headquarters, production, and distribution sites—offering outstanding customer service for optimum profitability.

In just five weeks, with the help of BT Connect Acceleration Services, network performance at seven global sites worldwide was maximised. With this the IT department laid the foundation for the company’s emerging markets growth strategy.

The BT network is an essential component in the realisation of our corporate IT strategy. It helps streamline the supply chain, enables cost effective manufacture, and supports growth into emerging markets, especially in Asia.”
- Hubertus Schilling, Head of IT Operations, Rodenstock GmbH


Rodenstock is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ophthalmic lenses and spectacles frames. It’s headquartered in Munich from where employees manage the development, production, distribution, and sales of its products—utilising best its global sales, production and distribution capacities.

A key objective of the company’s IT strategy is to consolidate all applications and data traffic onto a common global network connecting all offices, branches, and production sites to central data centres in Germany. This premium brand’s business success is thus dependent on a reliable data network available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which must offer the flexibility to support different business processes.


BT has been providing Rodenstock with communication services for well over 10 years. Following an extensive evaluation in 2010 Rodenstock chose BT again. The new task demanded rationalisation and consolidation of its global wide area network. The selected solution uses the BT IP Connect global network service.

Rodenstock also engaged BT to help maximise network performance, especially at important sites. Initially four locations in Germany and three international ones in China, Thailand, and the Czech Republic were selected. Using the BT Connect Acceleration Service, based upon WAN optimisation technology from Riverbed, BT monitors and fine-tunes the network for optimal performance. Data throughput and download times are also optimised. The service is underpinned by stretching service level agreements.

“Thanks to its presence around the world and its insight into our business, it took BT engineers less than five weeks to not only equip the seven sites around the world with WAN optimisation technology, but also integrate them smoothly into our worldwide business processes,” says Hubertus Schilling. Currently the network includes 11 sites in Germany and 17 other international locations – with speeds up to 100Mbps. The network grows together with Rodenstock, and more sites in new markets will follow.


Communication between all Rodenstock offices worldwide is based on the BT IP Connect global network; an essential component in the Rodenstock business model. It guarantees exchange of data between the front end of the company and its distributed manufacturing facilities with minimal human intervention. This reduces both costs and possible errors.

The BT IP Connect platform also provides an inherently secure architecture, together with high levels of redundancy and availability. And with BT maintaining the solution end-to-end, performance can be optimised anywhere in the world.

Hubertus Schilling concludes: “BT’s global presence, and the services it delivers, map well to our IT strategy, enabling us to provide excellent service to our customers. When Rodenstock develops new markets the BT network is guaranteed to scale quickly and successfully.”

With the rollout of the new network infrastructure complete, Rodenstock has the confidence that BT will keep its business working around the world and around the clock.

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  • BT IP Connect global
  • BT Connect Acceleration


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