5TH Global Mining IT & Communication Summit

The Westin Prince Hotel, Toronto, Canada
04 - 05 November 2015

The Global Mining IT & Communications Summit is the industry’s premier forum for showcasing the use of ICT to address challenges in mines.
The Westin Prince Hotel, Toronto

BT is official Communication Partner at this year’s Global Mining IT & Communication Summit

BT is delighted to sponsor the 5th Global Mining IT & Communication Summit at the Westin Prince Hotel in Toronto. The Summit has established a reputation as the premier forum for mining companies and their suppliers to share thought leadership and showcase advances in the application of ICT for more efficient mining operations.

The current environment – prices for everything from iron ore and platinum to copper and coal are significantly below their 2014 levels – require a transformation in the efficiency of mining operations. From borehole to boardroom leading miners are exploring the role that ICT can play in driving this transformation. The sense of urgency has never been greater and expectations are high. The 5th Global Mining IT & Communication Summit will explore how miners can respond to the challenged environment in smarter, safer and more cost-effective ways.

BT has emerged as a leading provider of communications solutions to the industry, with particular expertise in connecting operations at remote and difficult locations.

Our Presence at-a-glance

BT’s credentials in connecting remote and difficult locations, often far from infrastructure and support, are reflected in our role as Global Communications Partner for the event.

Be sure to visit us or explore our virtual showcase in the meantime for a preview of our demonstrations.

Our Speaking Slot at-a-glance

Digitised Mining – from Boardroom to Blasthole

Date: Thursday 5th November 2015
Time: 14.00-14.30

Presentation synopsis

The as-yet unlocked potential offered by Big Data, the need to sense and respond in near real time to events, the ability to capture data and to secure mining operations all call for sophisticated and reliable ICT infrastructure. This is easier said than done! BT’s Poush Bharadwaj and Robert Schena of Rajant Corporation will explore the role that ICT technologies – from cloud based platforms to mesh networks – can play in addressing these challenges.

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