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Digital transformation for manufacturing

Digital transformation in manufacturing is vital to connect and communicate with the entire value chain from R&D, through suppliers, production and distributors right down to contact with the end customer.
The digital world is making fundamental changes to how we live, work and play.  In the 4th Industrial revolution – we live in the age of the network.   Lots more connected devices, lots more data, lots more automation, new business models, and increasing security threats.

Making the most of what is digitally possible, is more than just the new technology.  It’s about empowering customers, business and employees.

Optimising the customer experience: Manufacturers compete in a market where product features alone cannot be relied on to serve as a differentiator.  Customer expectations of service quality and support are becoming equally important and now play a decisive role in purchasing decisions.

Dynamic infrastructure: Manufacturers must be agile enough to address opportunities wherever they arise, to establish themselves in new and emerging markets while remaining flexible enough to change direction quickly in the face of a rapidly changing business environment.

Security: The move to cloud-based enterprise services is a key opportunity for the manufacturing industry.  However the main concern is the security around it.  From moving critical data securely to having a consistent means of controlling access to that data whilst maintaining compliance. 

Faster product development: The manufacturing supply chain is increasingly dependent on the efficiency with which all involved can communicate and collaborate, often across vast distances and numerous time zones.    Any interruption to the flow of information will quickly be felt downstream in the form of delays, penalty payments, broken promises and disappointed customers.  The trend towards pull-driven supply chain models emphasizes the importance of real-time, always-on access to information even further.

The pressures of digital transformation are creating new challenges for the CIO such as developing strategies and new business models to cope with increased connectivity and engagement, the ability to push out a digital strategy organisation-wide, and difficulties implementing cross-channel, ubiquitous connectivity.  And with organisations having a mix of technology and providers, the integration of systems and applications is key.

Why BT

  • We have more than 17 years’ experience focused on developing specific solutions that meet the needs of our manufacturing customers. 
  • We orchestrate data flows globally across the complex eco systems of manufacturers and suppliers, enabling cloud services which drive efficiencies across the industry, all encompassed with end to end security. 
  • Our infrastructure and people reach across 180 countries
  • We are able to deliver an interactive manufacturing experience across our 21 global showcases, addressing your business challenges and requirements in a ‘live’ environment. Each visit is carefully planned by your BT account manager and the in-country showcase team to ensure it is relevant and engaging, providing the information you need to make your important decisions.

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