BT US&C President Bas Burger Featured on the CEO Show

(16 January 2014)

Bas Burger was featured as a guest speaker on the national radio and online show, The CEO Show

Bas Burger, President of US & Canada and Global Industry VerticalsBas Burger was recently featured as a guest speaker on the national radio and online show, The CEO Show – which shares insights, stories and wisdom on business and leadership from CEOs across the nation.

In this 20-minute interview, Bas shares insights on how BT delivers world-class telecommunications and network services globally to multi-national companies, as well as what it means to drive continuous innovation and grow as a leader.

Increasingly, the principle of “always on” is vital to business success. Good service isn’t just delivering a good product, but also ensuring that services are consistent and reliable. For instance, imagine if a factory went down for five hours – that’s a huge cost and could be damaging to the business. At BT, Bas sees consistent service as a chief priority. So, beyond innovation that is customer-driven around meeting specific challenges, BT must continually innovate in a way that it delivers reliable services and networks around the globe.

For example, BT has worked with a number of pharmaceutical industries who were seeking to do research and drive new drug development faster than ever before. This means partnering with providers and other companies seamlessly to share data and “fail faster” in discovering what works for a new drug. That’s why BT has invested in innovations to enable them to easily share data in a secure cloud environment that is also compliant with unique regulations for the pharmaceutical industry.

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