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Asset Trace

BT Asset Trace


Connect your assets.

With BT Asset Trace we help you to track and manage your assets. Using GPS trackers, sensors, barcodes or radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, the data related to the location and status of an asset is automatically monitored and stored on a secure cloud based platform. Network connectivity is at the heart of any Internet of Things (IoT) project and BT can deploy the best network to transfer data into the cloud.

Use cases and applications:

Goods in transit: We can track in real-time the location of your goods alerting you to any exceptions for example – are they stationary or going off route?Will arrive at their destination on time? Are SLAs being met? When can your customer expect delivery?

Reusable assets: Roll cages, drums, gas cylinders, stillages and pallets, often are not utilized to their full capacity. These assets are commonly overstocked, under-utilised and can be subject to theft or misuse. Many clients spend millions of pounds year after year replacing these assets. Other business impacts include causing production lines to be halted, customer deliveries being delayed, and fines being imposed for using the wrong type of stillage.

Static equipment: Many businesses rely on assets deployed to remote locations where monitoring can be difficult. Our solution enables you to know sense parameters like temperature, pressure and shock to your equipment or stock, that can be an indication of risk of failure.

Vehicles: Connecting vehicles to BT Trace provides valuable insight into driver behaviour, fleet utilisation and vehicle misuse.

BT will manage the provision and integration of all hardware and software. Our professional services team can help you develop the business case, evaluate the concept with a full pilot and provide ongoing support for implementation and operation.

BT helps Domiberia achieve seamless asset tracking and SAP integration.

BT Trace keeps food container production lines rolling at Domiberia and helps the company meet EU food traceability regulations.

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The benefits

End to end asset visibility and control.

Our ability to now monitor and manage objects electronically means we can fully embrace data-driven decision-making, optimise performance and processes, and improve customer experience.

You can check the position of any asset in your supply chain, where it has been, if it’s where it should be and what condition it’s in. Better information will help you to manage and keep your costs under control. Effective tracking and asset management underpins carbon reduction, and the full traceability required to comply with regulatory and environmental requirements. And all of these will help you to manage operational costs, enhance customer service, improve asset utilisation and increase profitability.

Knowing the location and status of goods and assets can improve customer service and collaboration between stakeholders and customers. It can drive operational cost reduction, optimise inventory and assets, provide intelligence, protect against damage or fraud, and streamline reverse logistics. It’s fundamental to help ensure regulatory and environmental compliance and delivering traceability.


Connect your assets.

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End-to-end asset visibility and control.

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