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Connect Intelligence IWAN


Using software defined networks (SDN) to optimise application performance

In today’s world the amount of data moving around the network is just growing and growing. The lines between business and personal are blurring. We've all got multiple devices and use them to connect to applications wherever we are. That's putting a strain on your networks.

If your organisation is struggling to get critical applications performing at their best, it’s likely you’re not getting the most out of your network.

Connect Intelligence IWAN with BT offers the next generation of network managed services and application performance management. It’s fully integrated into operational systems, not a standalone overlay service. This allows us to provide a more complete managed service.

Connect Intelligence IWAN securely improves WAN efficiency and resiliency based on dynamic intelligent path selection and decreases costs by offloading non-critical traffic over the Internet. We monitor, control and improve business critical application performance to achieve business goals as well as enhance the user experience.

It’s a transport independent VPN that enables the delivery of applications across the network. So whatever connectivity is available, it can go that route, be that MPLS, Internet, Satellite, or 4G. It allows you to utilise the cost savings of moving to a hybrid WAN service.

Network like never before with BT Connect Intelligence IWAN

Organisations all over the world want to deal more effectively with the demands of ever increasing bandwidth and traffic optimisation. So imagine a world where you have real-time visibility across your network, the ability to route traffic effectively and make sure your applications run at their best. That world is here today. With BT Connect Intelligence IWAN, we can help you and your customers, network like never before.

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The benefits

Delivering your future vision of network services

BT Connect Intelligence IWAN is an innovative new service that enables business customers to gain visibility of applications performance, automatically route and optimise network traffic without spending more on bandwidth. It integrates the Cisco Intelligent WAN (IWAN) solution into the BT Connect portfolio of network services.

This gives you the ability to optimise the cost of your networks whilst securing the performance of applications through the use of a hybrid environment and managed Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) technology.

Connect Intelligence IWAN will bring the following benefits:

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities across globally dispersed sites and different transport technologies, including MPLS and internet This enables organisations to securely interconnect remote sites over the public internet and to transfer information using powerful encryption technology.
  • Applications are routed across the best path in the customers hybrid network based on real-time network performance
  • Faster performance for applications which will improve productivity, user experience and identify underperforming key business processes. This includes acceleration of HTTP/HTTS based content such as online catalogues shown to customers in retail stores, or access to employee training videos
  • Enhanced application visibility and analytics, available via centralised, user friendly reporting and which gives customers deep insight into their application and network performance. This will also allow BT to enhance its monitoring and incident management service to the customers.


Connect Intelligence IWAN availability

BT Connect Intelligence IWAN is available all around the world. For full detail on specific country availability, please contact your account manager for specific detail.