Create a consistent, high-quality customer experience

Create a consistent, high-quality customer experience

CRM solutions

The reality

Customers want a great experience every time

Your customers want the same level of service from every single one of your contact centre agents — especially if you have different teams working around the world.

Wherever your customers get in touch with you from, they want to know they can talk to an agent who can deal with their query.

The problem

Independent contact centres can mean inconsistent service

Making sure your customers get the same high level of service gets harder the more teams you have working in different locations around the world.

Running customer contact centres independently of each other can easily lead to an inconsistent customer experience, with agents often starting from scratch with each customer. It also increases your running costs as you equip different teams with the tools and resources they need to get the job done.

If you have contact centres in multiple global locations, you need tools that manage demand and allow agents to deliver a consistent, high-quality customer experience — no matter where they are.

How we can help

We’ve got the right contact centre for you

Our cloud solutions help you:

  •  deliver a consistent high-quality customer experience by bringing your contact centres together
  •  improve your service by giving your agents access to the applications that make customer contact easy and convenient
  •  reduce your running costs by avoiding investment in expensive equipment.

Whether you’re looking to control cost or flexibility, we can help you deliver your contact centre services from the cloud.

With our solutions, your virtual contact centre gives you more visibility — allowing you to see, report on and manage demand across all of your global teams as if they were a single contact centre. We help you deliver the applications your agents need, including:

  •  self-service
  •  secure card payment
  •  call recording
  •  workforce management
  •  e-learning
  •  speech and text analytics.

We integrate your cloud contact centre with your CRM system and any third-party applications you rely on, such as We also give you access to specialised applications like personalised video, allowing you to improve your service by sending unique visual messages to your customers.

Our Professional Services team in BT Advise Contact will guide you on the journey to consolidating your global customer contact centres. With more than 100 customer cloud contact centre projects (and counting) under their belt, they have the experience to bring your project to life.

What our customers say

The help desk is the window to all our services. We’ve greatly improved its responsiveness and now have the right number of people working on the desk at the right times of the day. We liked the pay-as-you-go model because it was affordable and low-risk. It also had all the functionality we wanted.”
-Mike Jones, Director of IM&T, Northern Devon Healthcare Trust.

Key portfolio

Our cloud contact services

BT Cloud Contact.
Future-proof your service with our global multimedia contact centre — all fully-managed to help you focus on meeting customer demand.

BT Auto Contact.
Improve customer satisfaction, while reducing costs, with our range of self-service solutions across voice, mobile, SMS, social media and chat.

BT Optimise Contact.
Improve customer satisfaction, drive process efficiency, reduce unprofitable call volume and generate revenue by monitoring and assessing your calls.

BT Advise Contact.
Improve your customer experience, while reducing costs, by making your contact centre as efficient as possible with our Professional Services team.

BT Secure Contact.
Build your customers’ trust — take card payments over the phone securely, knowing we have PCI compliance covered.

We offer contact management solutions for organisations looking to deliver the highest level of service to their customers — find out more about how we can help you with Customer Relationship Management.

Why BT

A choice of contact centre solutions globally

  • We have the full range of contact centres and applications to meet your customer’s expectations for excellent customer services, and we’ve got the experience and reach to give your customers that experience globally.
  • In an average month our Cloud platforms deliver over 6 million voice calls and 500,000 messages and chats from consumers in over 180 countries with agents located in 42 countries.
  • Our cloud contact platforms have 99.9% availability
  • Self Service can save you 90% or more of the cost of a live agent managing the transaction
  • Secure Contact will help you cost effectively remove the risk of fraud when taking card payments