Managing demand and reducing costs in my contact centre

Managing demand and reducing costs in my contact centre

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The reality

You need to cope when demand is high

Consumers don’t always act in the way you predict. And if you can’t adapt to rapid changes in demand, your contact centre will struggle to provide customers with the level of service they expect.

You need the ability to add new agents quickly and easily for busy periods. Otherwise, you’ll leave customers waiting on the line — potentially losing business and risking damage to your brand’s reputation.

The problem

Manage demand without breaking the bank

You have to make sure your contact centre can manage demand and deliver a high level of service to customers whenever they have a query — and however they choose to get in touch.

However, making sure your contact centre has the tools to add new agents when you need them (whether during peak periods or rapid expansion) can be expensive — in terms of both people and equipment.

And offering customers the convenience of contacting you in whichever way suits them might sound easy, but getting the right level of capacity, and accounting for the sudden uptake of these services, is a tough challenge for any organisation.

How can we help

To handle peak times and spikes in demand, you need to make the most of cloud technology

Moving your contact centre to the cloud, you can scale the number of agents up or down to suit your levels of demand. It also allows you to open new ways for people to get in touch with you, like social media or instant messaging (IM).

And it does this in a way that reduces the costs of running your contact centre, with calls delivered to your agents via the internet.

Our cloud solutions help you to:

  •  meet customer demand, scaling the number of contact centre agents as you need them
  •  improve your service, introducing new ways for customers to contact you
  •  cut your costs, avoiding unnecessary investment and routing calls efficiently.

We give you an easy route to the cloud, helping your contact centre meet customer demand — however busy you get.

Our cloud contact solutions allow you to add agents or channels whenever you need to — giving you the ability to react to changes in customer demand. And they improve your contact centre service too. Advanced routing means calls get straight through to the right agent each time, resulting in less frustration for your customers.

We also give you the opportunity to offer your customers a self-service option. With our latest cloud solutions — using voice recognition and visual interactive voice response (IVR) — you can put your customers in control, allowing them to use contact channels that cost you less to run.

What our customers say

Calls can come in from any point of the globe, at any time of day or night. The network must scale instantly to deliver calls to agents irrespective of traffic volumes, while also having the resilience to cope with events such as natural disasters.”
- Arjan van der Meer, Director of IT Operations, Agoda

Key portfolio

Our cloud contact services

BT Cloud Contact
Future-proof your service with our global multimedia contact centre — all fully-managed to help you focus on meeting customer demand.

BT Inbound Contact global
Work more efficiently and increase customer satisfaction, making sure people get the right response first time, every time.

BT Auto Contact
Improve customer satisfaction, while reducing costs, with our advanced range of self-service solutions across voice, mobile, SMS, social media and chat.

Why BT

A choice of contact centre solutions globally

We offer a choice of contact centre solutions around the world.

  • Our BT Inbound Contact platforms support more than 52,000 global customers, managing ten billion minutes of calls every year.
  • Eight of the ten largest global airlines use our Inbound Contact solution to communicate with their customers.
  • We provide BT Inbound Contact global to all of the top ten pharmaceuticals worldwide, with five of them also using BT Cloud Contact.
  • We have physical network nodes in 42 countries, originations from over 180 countries and terminations to anywhere in the world.
  • We manage around ten million self-service minutes and two million self-service transactions every month.
  • In an average month, our cloud platforms deliver more than six million voice calls, along with 500,000 messages and chats, between consumers in over 180 countries and agents located in 42 countries.
  • Our cloud contact platforms have 99.9 per cent availability.
  • We’re a leader in the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Centre as a Service for Western Europe because of our ability to envision and put the right solutions in place for your organisation.