Security and risk management

Best in class security products and consulting services to help you identify and protect what matters the most to your business.

BT Security

Governance, risk and compliance

BT GRC consulting services

Meet your business objectives in the most efficient way.

Identity and access management consulting services

BT IAM consulting services

Enable individuals to access the right resources at the right times for the right reasons.

IP Address Management

BT Diamond IP

With increasing demands on your networks, you need help managing IP addresses to reduce the risk of service outages and security issues. BT Diamond IP automates IP address management, resulting in substantial efficiencies.

Managed Cloud Security

Protect your people, systems and brand through a consistent security policy and protected internet access with BT’s cloud-based web security.

Managed Email Security

Protect your organisation with securely managed email from BT.

Managed PKI Security

Protect your organisation with digital certification.

Managed Web Security

Protect your organisation with managed web security from BT.

Penetration testing - BT Security Ethical Hacking

Let the BT experts identify your vulnerabilities before the cyber criminals do.

Plan your cyber journey

BT Cyber security consulting

Stay ahead of the changing cyber threat landscape.

Protecting your network

BT Infrastructure security consulting

Ensure your core business operations are secure.

Secure messaging

BT Radianz Messaging

Secure, fully managed, non-repudiable message exchange service

Secure your data

BT Data security consulting

Keep your data protected from corruption and unauthorised access.

Security Log Management

Collect, store and search security logs for compliance reports and forensic analysis.

Security Threat Defence

Detect and prevent advanced threats, with BT’s experts protecting your organisation around the clock.

Security Vulnerability Scanning

Protect your organisation with vulnerability scanning from BT.