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The Digital Possible: Empowering organizations in the digital age


10 June 2016

Bas Burger

Blogs by author: Bas Burger, CEO, Global Services


We’re on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution and that revolution is being driven by digital.

In a world where seismic shifts in business and technology occur with alarming regularity, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is perhaps one of the most important members of an organization. They hold the keys to ongoing success and innovation, which is why we at BT are proud to launch our new initiative empowering CIOs, The Digital Possible.

The Digital Possible addresses the inevitable conclusion that digital is growing from a luxury to the standard expectation across the world and the number of digital natives grows every day. In a consumer-led world, businesses need to combine the best of people and technology much like the finest minds of the Renaissance period combined art and science.

With the unrelenting digital progress the world has experienced in the past few years, let alone the past decade, CIOs have seen an overwhelming number of changes to how they conduct business, what tools they use and what is expected of them as leaders.

Highlighted in our BT CIO Report 2016 – The Digital CIO, 75% of U.S. boardrooms expect their CIO to be an innovative force. This trend is seen across the Americas, as well, with 73% of Brazilian businesses reporting the CIO has become more central in the boardroom.

As the importance of CIOs in the boardroom increase, so does the CIO’s to-do list. For example, only 14% of organizations in Brazil are fully cloud-centric. Unfortunately, there is no off-the-shelf solution to digitize a business. It requires thoughtful consideration, careful planning, technological know-how, business acumen and a lot of agility.

There are other new challenges for CIOs, such as implementing digital strategy across organizations, developing new business models to address increased connectivity and engagement and recruiting talent with the proper digital skills.

We at BT are committed to empowering CIOs, who must be champions of change, to embrace digital transformation with the help of our new initiative, The Digital Possible.

The world is moving fast with no signs of slowing down, however it is on our shoulders as leaders in technology and business to assimilate these changes into actionable business outcomes that empower individuals and aid the bottom line.