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How digital transformation improves lives in Latin America


28 March 2017

Global Services

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution will see digital technology improve lives around the world. Discover how we’re bringing this change to Latin America.

Transforming the world.

To some, digital transformation might seem like an abstract phrase with little meaning. But that couldn’t be further from the truth…

Digital transformation is a phenomenon taking place all around us — even in some of the most remote areas on Earth.

And, as we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the shift towards digital technology is becoming ever-more important to how we live and work.

Digitising the developing world.

Even in developing nations, children grow up surrounded by technology. And this gives them access to education, healthcare, jobs and other opportunities previous generations could only dream of.

But there’s still a long way to go. Two-thirds of people living in Latin America and the Caribbean have no access to mobile broadband.

That’s why digital transformation is so important. It’s critical in creating a brighter future for everyone in these regions — and brings them into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Take a look at our examples below to see how greater connectivity transforms communities in Latin America.


Find out more about how these innovative projects are connecting Latin America.