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How to save your cyber security — by hacking your systems


12 April 2017

Rhoderick van der Wyck

Blogs by author: Rhoderick van der Wyck, Global Industry Practice Lead — Travel, Transport and Logistics, BT.


You can never eliminate the cyber security risks to your airline. But here’s how ethical hacking keeps you one step ahead of the cyber criminals.

Airlines need better security.

To some extent, it might sound ludicrous to suggest that airlines and airports need to focus more on security. Anyone who’s queued for their turn through the metal detectors will know the aviation industry is serious on the subject.

However, these days, airlines face a vastly different threat to their security — from cyber criminals launching malicious attacks on networked devices.

The threat of cyber crime to airlines is growing — especially as aircraft connect to the Internet of Things (IoT). And the increasing sophistication of attacks puts your company’s sensitive information at risk.

Evolving threats are a problem.

Now, cyber security isn’t a new issue for the aviation industry. No doubt, you have some form of protection in place. The real question is whether that solution can keep pace with the innovation of the hackers looking to poach your data.

Cyber attacks evolve all the time — to the point where it’s extremely tough to keep track of new threats. And this means you can’t simply rely on your traditional security perimeter.

The only way forward is to take a different approach to protecting your business (and your customers).

To keep your airline safe from cyber crime, you have to predict where hackers will hit you — and spot your own weaknesses before anyone can exploit them.

How hacking can help.

Predicting where hackers will strike sounds like some kind of magic act. How can you possibly tell where a criminal will sneak onto your network? But there is a way to do it — by hacking your own systems.

Ethical hacking is an effective way to protect your business from cyber crime. It forces you to think like your attackers, exposing the vulnerabilities they’d use to breach your security.

And once you’ve highlighted your vulnerabilities, you can remove them. This tightens your security and prevents malicious agents from exploiting any weakness to steal data — or worse.

Neutralising the threat.

While you can never truly eliminate every threat to your airline, you can neutralise them by knowing (and removing) your network’s weaknesses.

Ethical hacking is the key to staying one step ahead of cyber criminals. And using our expertise and in-house, industry-leading methodology, we know exactly what to look out for and how to protect you.

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