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13 December 2016

Global Services

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As the digital revolution picks up pace, retailers are getting to grips with what people want from bricks-and-mortar stores. Here’s what you need to know.

The impact of the internet.

The internet hasn’t just changed how people shop by allowing them to buy online — it’s also changed their attitude to shopping in-store. Consumers now expect their physical shopping experience to be as EPIC (engaging, personalised, informative and convenient) as their online shopping escapades.

This means that shoppers are increasingly using their devices to search for information on products in-store. And they’re heading online to research items before heading to the shops to pick up their purchases. It’s a change that retailers have to adapt to — and adapt quickly.

Meeting a digital demand.

The question is: how can retailers meet these consumer expectations? Our answer: by creating a retail environment that allows bricks-and-mortar retailers to connect with digital consumers.

This means having digital touchpoints available wherever the customer needs them — giving them easy access to the same wealth of information they can find online.

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