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Three reasons cyber security enables better business


05 October 2016

Global Services

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It might sound obvious that a digital business needs cyber security. But that’s actually only a small part of the story.

Cyber security: not just a fence — a focus.

Rather than only doing the bare minimum to protect your organisation, cyber security should be a focus. Why? Because it will help drive your organisation towards success in a new, digital world.

Businesses and organisations need to simplify their IT estates to make sure they provide a solid foundation for the future. It’s this that will enable you to become more flexible, and better able to innovate.

The three principles of cyber security.

To make the most of cyber security, it’s likely that you need a new approach, based on these three principles:

  1. A strategic approach to security that looks at the big picture — treating security as a business issue, rather than just a technology issue. This needs to take into account both physical and cyber threats.
  1. The CIO’s role is changing from guard dog to guide dog. This means showing an organisation the way forward — rather than just keeping threats out. It involves supporting the IT department as they innovate and improve, assuring them that their projects are secure.
  1. A corporate mindset that’s comfortable with change. This means creating a development environment where it’s possible to respond quickly to whatever the market throws your way. Accepting that no one has cyber defences that are 100 per cent watertight means widening your focus to ensure your organisation has greater agility and capacity to develop.

What the principles can do for your organisation.

Adopt these principles and you’ll put yourself in a position where cyber security is an enabler for your business — as we’ve seen in action at companies like De Beers.

You’ll have the telemetry and analytics to learn more about your customers and their needs. And you’ll have a framework that allows for flexibility and agility — important assets in a digital economy.

Cyber security can help you achieve more.

The three principles outlined will give you a top-level view of what you need to think about in terms of cyber security. But we can go one step further. Look out for the next blog where we’ll go into detail about what you can do to improve your cyber security.

Read our paper ‘Cyber security as a digital enabler’, which has plenty more tips about how you can use cyber security to grow and succeed.