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Communication and collaboration across complex manufacturing ecosystems

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Improving the efficiency of manufacturing operations

Improving the efficiency of manufacturing operations
Efficient communication has become vital to the smooth functioning of the increasingly complex manufacturing environment.  It is often said that the extent of a manufacturer’s competitive edge is determined by the efficiency with which it collaborates.  BT designs networks to enable, secure and manage vital information flows, providing real-time visibility of global manufacturing operations.  Active in the manufacturing sector for decades, manufacturing companies worldwide use BT to provide employees and partners with access to critical systems and to improve the efficiency with which they communicate and collaborate.

Network services and the manufacturing sector

BT enables, secures and manages the flow of information across complex manufacturing ecosystems. From the provision of connectivity to cloud-based services BT helps manufacturers to stay one step ahead.

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Fiat is fit for the future

Fiat is fit for the future

BT IP Connect global and a BT outsourcing team keep FIAT Group connected, worldwide, night and day. That means CIO Gilberto Ceresa and his people can keep their eyes set on what they're best at: engineering class-leading cars and trucks

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The BT outsourcing solution has allowed FIAT Group companies to focus on core business and deliver efficiency gains and productivity improvement without needing to worry about the IT environment."
Gilberto Ceresa CIO Fiat Group


Case studies

Air Products Medical

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Air Products in Germany chooses BT to provide vital lifelines for patients