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The mobile multiplier


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Five trends in mobile working to help you fast track effectiveness

Mobile working is becoming more important to office workers than a company car

That’s just one of the findings revealed in BT’s latest research into mobile working, “The mobile multiplier”. But as more and more enterprises mobilise their workforce, are they experiencing the expected step-changes in effectiveness and productivity? We conducted an independent survey of 1,500 office workers in the UK, France, Germany and Spain in September 2016 and uncovered five clear trends in the needs of office workers.

Top Tips to mobilise your workforce

Results show workers are clearly keen to break away from the static office, but effective communication with colleagues is still an issue, as are technology and budget limitations to support this new style of working. Overall, there is a ‘mobile multiplier’ effect – office workers who find mobile working easier tend to want more from their mobile devices and networks so they can do even more on the go. 73% would rather their IT department invest in mobile technology than technology for their office desk (this compares to an average of 60% for all office workers). 56% say they would be even more efficient if they could update databases and work processes remotely (compared to an average of 44% for all office workers). A good end user experience is vital.

Improving enterprise mobility

But what makes mobile working easy for some employees and not others? What is it about their devices and situation that means some office workers can work on the go more easily and be more productive?

The mobile multiplier

As working on the go becomes the norm in many organisations, we all should be experiencing a step-change in our effectiveness. But many still find mobile working hard. So, what’s holding people back? What is it that they think they need to make the most of mobile working? Watch this video to get insight into the five clear needs of office workers uncovered by our latest mobile working research.

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Technology can do anything. My advice is to start with the end in mind, what it is your colleagues need to do their work better away from the office. When this is clear, the technology will fall into line.”
- IT Decision Maker, Public sector

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