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Mobile working matters

Boost productivity and cut costs by doing more with your mobile service.

Mobilising your business is not just about having a network contract and the latest devices, it’s about how you make mobile work better with all your communication tools.

Imagine how much more productive your people could be if they had access to your business applications and systems on the move; could set up and join audio conferences at the touch of a button; could experience HD quality calls; could collaborate better using global mobile messaging, presence and screen sharing; and do all of this while controlling mobile costs.

Mobile working matters to today’s digital employee

Indeed, recent research highlights just how important mobile working is to today’s digital employee.

Ask employees what they want from their employer and mobile working is a top priority - 3 in four will say they see flexible working as their top priority in a benefits package and two-thirds will say they would rather have the tools to work on the go than a company car*.

Not only is mobile working great for employees – it’s a way forward for the business too. Ask your employees why they want to work on the move and they’ll tell you that better communication makes them more be more successful and that their productivity improves when colleagues use mobile devices for work*.

*The mobile multiplier, Davies Hickman Partners Ltd, Sept 2016

The problem

Mobile working today isn’t without its challenges, so how do you get the best out of mobile working?

Mobile working today isn’t without its challenges - 54% of employees say they often waste time trying to get hold of colleagues — delaying the decision-making process and 61% say their employer doesn’t make it easy to work away from the office*.

So how do you get the best out of mobile working? We believe that to do more with your mobile service you need to think about:

  • How you deliver the right mobile tools so people can work as well out of the office as in it.
  • How you remove the risk of unprotected data so mobile working doesn’t pose a risk to your business or your people.
  • How you control costs without stifling productivity – you want people to do more on the move, but you don’t want costs to rocket as a result.

*The mobile multiplier, Davies Hickman Partners Ltd, Sept 2016

How we can help

Boost productivity with the right mobile tools.

Your people may already work away from the office, but are they making the most of the opportunity mobile offers? We’ll help your people go further and get more done by mobilising the things they need access to most – including collaboration tools, processes, and data.

Keep your organisation secure.

We are security specialists, with one of the world’s largest practices (more than 2000 security professionals). We’ll help you securely connect remote users to your corporate network and keep your data and applications safe from malicious intent or casual neglect.

Great value…with no compromises.

We’ll arm you with everything you need to mobilise your business, stay secure and control costs, including:

  • Wifi to reduce data costs - connect to over 19.5 million hotspots globally
  • Roaming bundles to get 4G abroad with flexible bundles
  • Mobile management to reduce mobile spend by up to 30% with online cost and inventory management tools
  • End user control with real-time insight and alerts to control spend
  • Data compression so the amount of data that’s pushed over the network is reduced
  • Policy development to control the apps users access when they’re at home or abroad.

In short, working with us, you’ll get:

  • a network-independent supplier who wants to help you get more from mobile
  • a focus on tools to improve mobile
  • mobile collaboration innovation to drive productivity
  • a clearer view of your estate helping control and manage costs
  • peace of mind with secure applications, data and devices
  • market leading solutions from the best suppliers in the market
  • the ability to deliver consistently around the world.

Key portfolio

Our portfolio can help you achieve one seamless user experience.

  • One Mobile secure - secure your devices, access, corporate applications and collaboration.
  • One Voice expenses - Get a clear view of your mobile estate helping control and manage costs.
  • One Mobile anywhere - Make global data roaming simple and predictable.

Why BT

Our experience, portfolio and innovation

We’re where you are.

If you need one office in the UK, one in Asia and another in Russia – we’re there with you, because we work across the world. Which also means: you’ll pay the same for a user type no matter which country they’re in.

One supplier means less complexity and lower costs. We’ve helped organisations introduce new technology and integrate with existing systems, acting as advisers over the long term. 

We make sure everything happens at a pace that suits you, and manage things every step of the way. And we won’t be going anywhere once you’re all set up.

Partnering with us also means access to new technology. We’ve invested £5bn in research and development over the last five years alone, and hold over 5,000 patents worldwide.