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BT Telehousing helps focus full attention on customer care and service innovation

In Germany, among companies looking for wholesale communication services such as VoIP, is a synonym for reliability and high performance. So those attributes were top of the shopping list when Markus von Voss went looking for a safe place for his IT assets. BT Telehousing ticked all the boxes.

Now, a secure state-of-the-art BT data centre in Frankfurt helps keep things running, night and day, for BT takes care of the environment; while takes care of the platform. That teamwork protects the reputation for customer satisfaction – and that means contentment for Markus too.

It’s vital for our customers – and business critical for us – to have a failsafe infrastructure. With BT Telehousing, including 24/7 support, we can offer them nearly 100 per cent uninterrupted telephony services.”
- Dr. Markus von Voss, Managing Director


The communications market is highly competitive; any service breakdown is immediately obvious, potentially leading to dissatisfaction and lost customers. Service reliability therefore has the highest priority for the communications providers that serve Germany’s so-called white spot regions with internet and telephony services.

White spot organisations are typically municipal utility companies, systems houses or WiMAX operators. They depend on reliable broadband internet access to help them give their customers failsafe reassurance in all they do: from emergency services and phone book entries to porting numbers on time.

In supplying these communications providers, GmbH offers a made-to-measure package of wholesale services based on automated processes. A voice-over-IP (VoIP) pioneer since 2003, it launched the first German white label VoIP platform the following year. This enables newcomers to enter the VoIP market without the need for their own infrastructure, technical know-how, or expensive and inflexible soft switches.

In 2006 invited BT to supply wholesale VoIP services for its platform. When, as part of its growth plans, the company wanted to move to managed telehousing, it naturally turned again to the BT team.


The Tier III category BT data centre in Frankfurt gave exactly what it needed, providing as standard racks complete with structured pre-cabling – using both copper and optical fibre – ready for technicians to equip. And the centre meets the highest service availability standards through redundant connections to other BT data centre locations at home and abroad.
Achim Ringer, Account Director at BT Germany, says: “IT systems place high demands on their accommodation. This adds up to high costs in terms of always-on power supplies, security and network connections. But, with the help of the BT telehousing solution, companies can own, run, and maintain their IT systems themselves within a next generation data centre supplied and managed by BT. And all without the significant investment needed to create the environment itself.”

The state-of-the-art equipment in the data centre provides an optimised combination of sustainability and cost efficiency. With a PUE (power usage effectiveness) of 1.3 it sets new standards in energy efficiency. Physical security and cyber security were also high on the specification checklist. The BT data centre has strong defences against threats of both kinds. Yet intelligent access technologies mean people can quickly and easily reach their own area of the centre and their own equipment whenever they need it.

There’s also strong protection against system failures and downtime. The equipment has two separate feeds from the public power supply network and two separate networks. Each network is also backed-up by a battery-supported uninterruptable power supply (UPS) plus emergency diesel generators offering protection against power fluctuations or outages in the public network.


A secure and controlled environment in which can house and operate its own IT infrastructure also means the company can scale services up and down in concert with demand: a level of flexibility that its communications provider customers welcome. BT also provides constant monitoring of the racks and equipment, with support on call 24/7. Stringent service level agreements offer further assurance.

The high energy efficiency of the data centre is also helping to reduce its carbon footprint. That’s essential for a company that places high value on its corporate social responsibility programmes.

“Green is not just a buzzword for us,” says Dr. Markus von Voss, managing director of “By outsourcing our IT infrastructure to BT, we know we can keep pace with environmental sustainability requirements as they change. What’s more, the location of the data centre in the heart of Frankfurt, its excellent transport links and its high levels of security protection all contributed to our decision.”

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