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BT Cloud Compute

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Personalise the cloud to meet your needs

Cloud Compute is a pre-provisioned data centre infrastructure that enables you to create, deploy, monitor and manage your own cloud service. Through a self-service portal, you get the tools, resources and expertise – and crucially, flexibility – to put in place perfectly tailored cloud solutions to meet the practical challenges of your market.

Cloud Compute can be integrated and managed across hybrid environments, addressing both your private and public requirements. As its self-service, you can conveniently set up the infrastructure that perfectly suits you. You can do it faster than ever with near instant provisioning times. Automated delivery lets you launch new services quickly and efficiently, with the highest levels of choice, flexibility and control.

Cloud Compute benefits

  • More savings. You only pay for what you use, your costs are aligned to your business needs, and you could reduce them by up to 40%
  • More speed and agility. Create or change your service in response to new demands in seconds
  • Cloud flexibility and scalability. Scale your public and private clouds to match your changing needs, and bring in new applications as you need them
  • Enhanced service levels. Our complete end-to-end solution puts the customer experience first, emphasising service above reliance on hardware
  • Enterprise class security, less risk. The service offers physical/logical separacy at all times to maintain integrity, and has been designed for maximum resilience, and maximum availability through self-healing
  • Global service, delivered locally. Global service using local infrastructure and support desks in key regions. You know where your data is hosted at all times and you can communicate and contract under the jurisdiction of the local law helping you meet compliance and assurance requirements.
  • Innovation. Working with key software partners in specific industries we co-innovate with you throughout the concept to market process to ensure we deliver the right service, with the right benefits in the right timescales.
  • Greater environmental efficiency. Use of virtualization technology reduces the footprint of the data centre in terms of space required, emissions produced, and power consumed

A secure cloud platform from a trusted supplier like BT is an important step in addressing the externalisation, collaboration and cost pressures faced by many of our pharmaceutical and biotech customers today.”
- Dr Matt Hahn, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Accelrys

The details

Cloud Compute specifications


Offering a range of availability zones, including public and private service offerings and geographical location.

  • Self-service: Built and managed through the portal or API interface
  • Dashboard: Provides an overview of the running virtual machines, resources used, and cost
  • Catalogue: Used to select configurations and services
  • Automation: Ability to dynamically provision virtual machines, make changes and close down virtual machines as required
  • Hardware: Includes blades, storage, firewalls and load balancers, organised into different geographical availability zones


Network is dependent upon the availability zone being used. The majority of services will be using Internet and/or MPLS.

  • Internet access: Fully resilient with pay as you use pricing
  • Load balancing: Service supports creation of a load balanced pool of servers using (VIP) addresses – multiple algorithms available
  • Virtual LANs (vLANs): By default, only one network (Primary Network) will be present which is firewalled; additional ‘private’ networks (virtual LANs) are supported

Server provisioning

You can select attributes for each virtual machine, modify some of the attributes, and copy attributes to create another virtual machine.

  • Hypervisor: Service supports a number of different hypervisors
  • Operating system: System options are presented as templates, displayed with a corresponding description
  • Customer images: You can choose to upload your own operating system image. Any previous images uploaded can also be selected and found under ‘My templates’
  • Virtual machine type: Deploy virtual machines with a range of CPU and RAM options available hourly, monthly or annual
  • Storage (Disk attributes): When building a virtual machine, you can add disks to support your applications and data
  • Snap shot backup: Means you can take a point-in-time ‘copy’ of your entire virtual machine


Security is set at the availability zone, with options dependent on the availability zone being used.

  • Virtual security application: Allows you to create access control list or port forwarding rules

Common services

Includes Domain Name Server (DNS) and Network Time Protocol (NTP)

In-life management

  • Virtual machine management: From the dashboard, you can select an individual virtual machine and stop, start, restart it and destroy
  • Remote management: There are 3 methods of access, console using a browser, Virtual Private Network, or alternatively public access using common clients such as Remote Desktop Protocol, Secure Shell etc.


Available from our choice of locations across 5 continents


  • UK
  • France
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Benelux

Middle East & Africa

  • Saudi Arabia
  • South Africa

North America

  • USA

South America

  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • Brazil
  • Argentina

Asia Pac

  • India
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Japan

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