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Drive efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction

You need to make sure that when a customer calls, they get a response first time, every time. If you fail, your customer might soon become somebody else’s. Inbound Contact global can help. It allows you to:

  • Make it easy for customers to get in touch regardless of their geographical location with easy to remember phone numbers that stay with you for as long as you want them
  • Make sure that no call goes unanswered by bringing together your disparate contact centre sites from across the globe into one single, virtual operation
  • Offer customers an alternative to calling you, by giving them the option to self-serve and get an immediate response to their simple enquiries.

The result? A seamless service for your customers – no matter where they are.


  • Improved service and customer loyalty. Advanced routing features ensure customers are connected to the most-qualified available agent the first time they contact you, regardless of where the call originated or the channel used.
  • Uniform to all your customers. With the range of access numbers, tariffs and routing plans available, you can offer all your customers seamless service independent of their geographical location. BT’s global intelligent network enables you to bring together disparate sites seamlessly to manage one single virtual operation.
  • Reduced operating costs. Reduce the number of agents required across multiple centers with advanced call routing features and network visibility and control, without ownership and maintenance of expensive physical infrastructure. Also provide agents with caller information in advance for greater efficiency.
  • Flexible contact center management. All contact centers can be managed as a single entity, with web-based reporting and management tools to analyze call traffic and agent performance and make adjustments in real-time.
  • Increased convenience through a single supplier. BT manages all aspects of your global voice network, providing a single vendor solution with a single point of contact, consolidated invoicing and volume discounting.
  • Increased resilience and reliability. Run on a flexible and highly resilient, comprehensive managed network. You’ll get high availability and performance with an impressive 99.998 uptime.
  • Screening. Allows a call to either proceed or be blocked based on the caller’s Call Line Identifier (CLI) or authorization code


  • Outstanding global coverage - With physical nodes in over 42 countries, originations from more than 175 countries and terminations to anywhere in the world, your contact centres can be managed as a single entity.
  • Multiple access and service number options - a variety of access methods with flexible calling options. As a result, you have the freedom to decide how much callers pay to connect to your call centres.
  • Advanced intelligent routing - With our flexible routing options you can customise how calls are routed across your contact centre – whether you have one site or many.
  • Real time traffic management and reporting - Our web-based management tool gives you immediate control over your contact centre applications. Comprehensive, web-based reporting provides valuable information to monitor traffic, manage budgets and agent performance.
  • World class support services - Our Customer Service and Network Management Centres operate 24/7 around the world. So you’ll always get expert back up and technical support.
  • Value-added features and applications We don’t stop at Inbound... integrated self service & cloud based IVR. Rather than tying up valuable agent resource managing high volume, low value enquires, like account balance checks, why not give customers the ability to help themselves by introducing self service technology? BT provides a single point of contact for both inbound and self service, so you not only reduce the volume of traffic into your contact centre, freeing advisors to focus on high value customers, but also reduce costs by up to 90 per cent when compared to the cost of putting a call through to a live advisor.* Forrester

We needed an associate who could offer a consistent class-leading network service, independent of location, virtually anywhere in the world. BT Global Services was the clear choice.”
- Arjan van der Meer, Director of IT Operations, Agoda

The details

BT Inbound Contact global specifications

Multiple access numbers - Inbound Contact global offers you a broad range of access numbers. Many of these number options support number portability which enables you to keep any existing numbers when you switch. Options include:

  • PSTN/Caller Pays
  • Domestic and International Freephone
  • Shared rate/ cost
  • Premium rate
  • Universal International Freephone

Call routing features - A wide selection of flexible routing options and features available, which enable you to use your contact centres across multiple sites. You can specify how calls are routed based on your business requirements and the options available. These include:

  • Holiday routing: enables you to define a routing plan to handle holidays and annual shutdowns.
  • Day of week routing: helps you define a set routing plan to overcoming special situations, such as routing weekend calls to a centre operating seven days a week.
  • Time of day routing (time interval routing): enables you to use 24 hour/day or peak/non-peak call centres by routing calls to different contact centres based on the time of day of the incoming call.
  • Origin-based (geographic) routing: based on a call's point of origin and enables you to deliver calls to the appropriate language queue.
  • Call limiting (uniform load distribution): limits the amount of simultaneous calls for a destination.
  • Call queuing: limits the number of simultaneous calls to a destination number. When the call centre reaches this limit, callers will be placed in a queue, where customers will hear tones and /or announcements.
  • Load-based routing (call distribution): distributes calls by load-sharing criterion (percentage base or n-th call).
  • Menu-based routing: enables a menu driven selection of destinations, a simplified application compared to the possibilities of Network Interactive Voice Response (NIVR).
  • Call forwarding: re-routes a call to an alternative destination (on "Busy", "Ring-No-Answer" or "No-Connection").
  • Disaster recovery (emergency plan): includes alternate routing plans, multilingual emergency messages and overflow options which can be activated in case of emergency situations. For example, when access lines or power supplies fail.
  • Dialled number identification service (DNIS): helps you manage special calls efficiently. For example, when you advertise a specific phone number for a promotion, it will direct any calls generated to a particular agent within the contact centre. This enables easier monitoring and reporting of marketing activities.
  • Calling line identifier (CLI): BT supports CLI delivery for direct access line only on an individual case basis. It is not widely available and is subject to Public Telephone Telegraph (PTT) availability and local regulatory restrictions.


Inbound Contact global is available for direct terminations in over 42 countries globally, originations from over 175 countries and terminations to anywhere in the world.

The access types available may vary depending on your location so please speak with your account manager for more information.

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Drive efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction