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How the cloud helps knowledge workers do what they do best


28 July 2016

Global Services

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The professional services sector’s built on knowledge workers, and they’re increasingly on the move. So how do you harness what they know when they’re on the go?

Intangible assets.

Knowledge is the core of professional services. So unlike other industries, many of which are built around tangible property, there’s not always a physical base for what this sector does. Instead, individuals hold the value that’s generated by professional services, and they do this with their knowledge and skills.

This means the sector’s main asset is people. And as these people become increasingly mobile — this asset is on the move. But why does that matter?

Knowledge is value.

Essentially, a mobile knowledge worker who can’t access their data or communicate vital information with the people they need to, is of lesser value to your organisation. While the individual themselves remains a worthwhile asset, the revenue they’re able to drive is seriously curtailed.

So how can you make the most of mobile knowledge workers and ensure they’re always an effective asset to your organisation? To harness the value of your workers, you need to give them access to all the information and people they need, no matter where they are. It’s the smartest way to make sure you have the most effective workforce possible. And you can do it through the Cloud of Clouds.

What you need, when you need it.

To capture the knowledge your people hold, you need a management system that lets your cloud investments work harder. Your management system needs to make it easy for mobile workers to access the IT they need, wherever they are.

The Cloud of Clouds can do this for you. It expertly manages your multiple cloud solutions. So it makes your entire cloud estate more powerful, more reliable and more valuable.

With the Cloud of Clouds, no matter where your people are, their knowledge can be put to good use. They can access the data they need and share it with the right people. Take a look at our website to discover more.