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Discover how security uncertainty can stall your mobile working


16 February 2017

Global Services

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Despite the popularity of mobile working, employees and IT departments still struggle with data security, and that can have serious consequences for business.

Millions of people around the world already use mobile technology to get more done while they’re out of the office. But this increased productivity isn’t without risk. For many organisations, data security is a serious concern.

In the UK, more than one in ten workers have lost a mobile device they use for work, or had it stolen. And it’s instances like this that mean commercially sensitive data — even information about customers — can end up in the wrong hands.

One problem is that many workers don’t know what security measures are available — for example, the ability to wipe data remotely. And if they’re not sure, they might not be using mobile working to its best effect.

To find out more about security uncertainty and how it could be affecting your organisation, take a look at our infographic. You can also download the full report for more details.