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Enterprises need to act now to take advantage of the cloud


21 February 2017

Global Services

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Cloud is no longer merely a trend or buzzword — it’s an established platform for many businesses. And, as Cisco’s latest Global Cloud Index reveals, by 2020, global cloud IP traffic will almost quadruple, driven by the rise in cloud workload distribution and cloud virtualisation.

Enterprises are clearly moving towards cloud migration and adoption, and the mix of public, private and hybrid cloud provides different choices. Many are moving from test environments to placing more of their mission-critical workloads onto the cloud.

The growth of cloud traffic is due in large part to its ability to scale quickly and support more workloads than traditional data centres. These factors lead to better performance and higher capacity.

When fully embraced, the cloud helps enterprises become more agile, reduce costs and boost innovation.

If you’re not yet fully aware of how this will impact enterprises moving forward, we’ve created an infographic, highlighting some of the key findings from the Global Cloud Index, which you can see below.

cisco infographic

Download the full report.