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Five ways you can network like never before


06 April 2016

Neil Sutton

Blogs by author: Neil Sutton, VP, Global Strategic Alliances, BT.


Cloud services can boost your productivity — if you don’t spend all your time managing them. Here’s how to make things simple and network like never before.

Today, we use networks unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Networks have evolved — becoming hybrid solutions that incorporate a mix of the latest cloud-based tools and applications.

More and more organisations now build hybrid environments blending networks, SaaS and other resources in the cloud. And I talk to many customers who want to enjoy the benefits of cloud services, but have concerns such as:
◾the security of their data
◾end-user experience
◾how they manage multiple suppliers for multiple clouds.

How to manage multiple connections.

You probably work with various third-party providers to get the cloud applications you need. And this puts pressure on your organisation to manage them all effectively and guarantee a consistently high performance from every service — while meeting your security requirements at the same time.

Here are five things to consider in your quest to make the most of the cloud:

As you respond to changes in your business requirements, you want to make sure you have the services that match your needs. Working with our Cloud of Clouds partners, we enable you to adapt and to provision services more quickly (and not just the ones directly provided by BT).

There’s no point having all the cloud services you could wish for if you can’t control access and performance effectively. New services that give application visibility, for example, make a critical difference.

When moving critical services to the cloud, you want to know they’ll run as smoothly as possible, wherever you are in the world. So we provide you with cloud connections that underpin performance. These high-performance services, combined with our investment in the core network platform, make a real difference — especially where infrastructure is limited for users.

Working with a range of services across multiple cloud providers can make it difficult to keep track of them all. So we work with our ecosystem of partners to bring the choice you need, while making things simpler to manage.

There’s every chance that your organisation needs to use a mix of different cloud types. That’s why we make sure you can bring together leading services like Microsoft ExpressRoute, Salesforce and Amazon Web Services, to help you create truly hybrid solutions.

Go direct to the cloud.

Connecting directly to cloud providers through your corporate network allows you to overcome any concerns you have with cloud computing, by giving you the tools you need to secure your data, improve performance and make managing your services simple. And it all works by connecting you to your cloud services via our global network and combined with a new range of security services.

We’re helping you to network like never before, with direct connections to the cloud service providers you want to work with. Discover more about how to make better connections in the Cloud of Clouds and guarantee the performance of your cloud applications.