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11 April 2017

Ricardo Belmar

Blogs by author: Ricardo Belmar, Senior Director for Enterprise Product Marketing, InfoVista


If your organisation’s looking to make more of digital transformation, you need to see the benefits that application performance management (APM) brings.

We’re living in the digital age. For many organisations, this means a move towards a more digital way of working. Application performance is key to this — allowing you to become more efficient and your people to be more productive.

The question, then, is this: how can your enterprise network work harder to get even more from its applications?

The answer, I believe, is twofold: APM and a hybrid WAN.

What APM together with a hybrid WAN could mean for your organisation.

APM is a service that monitors the performance of both your network and your applications. Based on this intelligence, it then offers you ways to optimise performance — helping your organisation to get more business value from its applications. All of this means that you get the optimum end-user experience across public, private, or hybrid networks for all applications and users.

Also with advanced APM, the visibility and control you have over your applications is provided at a granular, per-session level, ensuring the best user experience for all critical business applications, such as Office 365, Skype for Business, ERP, CRM, and UCC. This granularity means that every user will receive the optimal user experience, without impacting other users on the same network, even if they are at the same branch office location.

In regards to optimisation, APM offers dynamic path selection. This enables hybrid WANs to deliver improved application efficiency and performance, by automatically choosing the best network path for an application user session, based on business objectives. This makes for the most efficient use of all network capacity in real-time.

Get even more form your APM.

APM is a powerful tool for getting more from your hybrid WAN and helping your organisation take control of its digital transformation. But there is a way to get even more from APM — APM-as-a-service.

APM-as-a-service gives you all the benefits of APM, but in a way that’s more flexible, adaptable and easy to control. This flexibility plays directly into your organisation’s hands when it comes to dealing with digital transformation and moving to a dynamic or hybrid network. It makes it easier for you to take control of change, and usher your organisation into a digital future.

It’s also something that we’re working with BT to provide.

With our service, Connect Intelligence InfoVista, you get to decide how much APM you need, and only pay for what you use. This gives you much more control over your pricing structure than you’d have in a traditional network model.

Find out more about our APM service.