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Go on the offensive to thwart digital crime


22 September 2016

Global Services

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Digital criminals play fast, and they play to win. They’re outpacing current cyber security defences, so it’s time your organisation went on the offensive.

No organisation’s security is impenetrable to a skilled and determined criminal entrepreneur. And when dark market forces exploit vulnerabilities before they’re even publically disclosed, or change malware and bot nets as soon as they’re detected, you can get caught in a permanent game of catch-up that you’re never going to win.

The most effective protection lies in taking the fight to the attacker by deploying security tools, procedures and strategies that make it more difficult and costly for criminals to operate.

Our infographic below shows the four points of action that will put you back in the driving seat:

BT and KPMG infographic on digital crime

Our new report with KPMG, ‘Taking the Offensive – Disrupting Cyber Crime’, gives you a detailed view of the current threat landscape, and practical steps your business can take to stay secure in the face of organised criminal entrepreneurs. Download it here.