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30 November 2016

Katie Denison

Blogs by author: Katie Denison, Head of Unified Communications and CRM Marketing, BT.


Making decisions means having meetings. But meetings often mean travel. And travel costs time and money.

A better way to meet.

But there’s a smarter way. Many businesses are finding they can make faster decisions without the people who matter having to be in the same room. That’s because collaboration technology is getting better – more like a face-to-face meeting and easier to use. Video and audio conferences are becoming a more and more common way to get round the hassle and cost of travelling to meetings.

Conference calls get more productive with better sound quality. And that’s exactly what you get with BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice. Dial in with stereo headphones and you’ll hear everyone’s voices with life-like clarity and no background noise, but also coming from different directions as they would in a face-to-face meeting. It’s as close to having a natural conversation as you can get without being in the room. The extra clarity and the spatial sound mix help you get your point across more clearly – an even bigger benefit if you’re not speaking in your own language, or you’re speaking softly. You’ll also hear others better, even when they talk over each other – and who hasn’t been in a meeting where that happens? And we can add this to other collaboration tools like Cisco WebEx and Skype for Business. All these things make it a good choice for global businesses.

Clarity is the remedy.

It certainly suits traditional Chinese herbal remedy retailer Eu Yan Sang. Their old conference system was letting them down. Poor sound quality meant callers from around the world couldn’t understand each other. And that meant calls were not as productive as they could be. A big problem, as they used the system many times a day to keep Singapore HQ in touch with regional offices. That’s all history now. They can dial in to our Dolby service easily from desktops, laptops, tablets or mobiles and don’t even need to find a quiet space first. And everyone comes through crystal clear, every time.

Music to the ears of any business wanting to get things done faster and more effectively. Especially with conferencing costs cut in half because the service runs over the internet, not the voice network.

Talk to us about BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice. Or about other ways to get your people working together more productively.