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There's a new cyber security sheriff in town…


03 January 2017

Global Services

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The changing nature of cyber threats might make security a challenge, but here’s one way your organisation can turn risk into opportunity.

Sometimes, it seems that all the talk of cyber security and digital crime is about doom and gloom. It’s true, you face serious risks from criminal entrepreneurs — and you do need to know about them. But getting a tighter grip on your cyber security also creates new opportunity for your organisation.

So how do you open yourself up to this opportunity? Well, you have to know how to handle the risk digital transformation can pose. And that means having an expert in place to manage change.

Welcome to the world of the Chief Digital Risk Officer (CDRO), the new security sheriff in town. Take a look at our infographic below to discover how appointing someone to this new role can help you create opportunity from digital risk.


Our new report with KPMG, Taking the Offensive – Disrupting Cyber Crime, gives you a detailed view of the current threat landscape, and practical steps your business can take to stay secure in the face of organised criminal entrepreneurs. Download it here.