Moving from traditional IT to the hybrid cloud.

Moving from traditional IT to the hybrid cloud.

Welcome to a quick tour of BT data centre services.

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BT Data Centre Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of our data centres

Welcome to a quick tour of our data centre services. After a 2-year search to find the best data centres in the UK, we chose to partner with Ark. They conform to the highest of standards demanded by our customers with ample capacity for the future.

We offer 100% SLAs on the power and cooling and a guaranteed Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.2 which can save you up to 60% on operating costs. The environmentally friendly design allows us to operate with free cooling 99.8% of the time, reducing carbon emissions.

Our data centres are preconfigured so you can get your IT up and running within 10 days. We’ve invested in a cloud node onsite, so you can take advantage of cloud services quickly and easily.

Our Cloud Connect service provides a pre-connected gateway to a range of major 3rd party cloud providers for access to the services you need within a target of 15 days.

Our flexible commercial approach enables you to choose what’s best for your business, whether that’s: fixed for predictability, flexible for changing requirements or agile to cater for unpredictable demand.

Take an interactive tour of our impressive facilities.

So don’t delay, ask for more information from your BT account manager or book a visit to see these impressive facilities for yourself.

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