High Touch in Low Touch: Next Generation Trading

With a shift to greater automation, diminishing returns, both buy and sell side need to leverage technology to optimise liquidity, relationships and resources

Appetite for European alpha is back. €2.5 trillion worth of equities were traded in the first quarter of 2014, the largest notional volume since 2011. However the Great Rotation back into Europe is flying straight into dual economic and regulatory headwinds which challenge traditional methods of trading.

As depleted resources force global investment banks to restrict high-touch trading services to their most profitable clients, buy side and sell side dealing desks are readjusting trading behaviours. This is altering demand for products and services and redefining the market participant landscape. Accessing liquidity remains the primary concern. Addressing this challenge will require unprecedented collaboration of high- and low-touch services; facilitating an intricate balance between multiple channels, infrastructure and data to determine when, where and how to trade.

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High Touch in Low Touch: Next Generation Trading

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TABB Group report on consumers, channels and changing behaviours in retail financial services