Portfolio overview

Portfolio overview

Overview of our portfolio of products and services

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Our portfolio, delivering value to our customers

We combine our global strengths in networks, IT and innovation with our local presence, expertise and delivery. To help our customers use communications to create new ways of doing business. We deliver value to our customers by combining a broad portfolio of products and services with industry-specific solutions and consulting expertise.

Our network is at the heart of what we provide. We have simple product categories organised around what our customers need.

These are:

Portfolio overview

BT Connect

Network services are at the core of our Cloud of Clouds strategy.

They connect our customers to their people, to their own customers, to the cloud and to the world. We offer a range of flexible, intelligent and secure IP, Ethernet and internet virtual private network services, including direct connectivity to third-party cloud services providers. We deliver our network services across 180 countries over a range of access technologies including DSL, Ethernet and satellite.

BT Security

Cyber security is now firmly on the boardroom agenda for many companies with cyber-attacks a daily occurrence. We use the expertise we have from protecting BT to develop products and services (such as firewalls, web security, intrusion prevention and threat monitoring) to protect our customers.

BT One

People communicate using technology in many different ways – by phone, instant messaging, email, audio and video conferencing and data-sharing solutions, either at their desks or on mobile devices.

Businesses want these channels to be integrated and to work together easily and reliably.

Our collaboration services help customers simplify their communication channels and transform the way they interact with their customers, colleagues, partners and suppliers. And our mobile services help keep them in touch when they are on the move.

BT Contact

Our contact centre services help our customers build stronger relationships with their customers. We offer a number of ways for them to communicate together, including email, web chat, video, social media and the phone – either via automated systems or dedicated advisers.

Our cloud contact solutions give companies more control over their costs, allowing them to change capacity in response to demand.

BT Compute

Businesses want reliable but flexible IT platforms and services for their applications, data storage and security. We provide IT services across our global network from 48 data centres around the world, 22 of which are cloud-enabled. Our services range from traditional telehousing and colocation to the latest public, private and hybrid cloud solutions, delivered in any combination our customers need.

BT Advise

We want to become a trusted adviser for all our customers. Our team of more than 2,000 professional services people provides the connection between business strategy and technology. By giving expert advice and then integrating and managing all essential business technologies, our customers can get the most value from our services.

Industry propositions

Our industry-specific solutions help customers overcome challenges unique to the environments they operate in.