SunTrust Bank:Central IP address management from BT makes a big everyday task fast and simple

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SunTrust BankSunTrust Bank enhances organizational agility and efficiency with IPControl™ from BT Diamond IP

SunTrust Bank has thousands of branches and ATMs stretching across 12 states. Many customers use internet, PC, and automated phone banking too. It added up to a big, complicated, relentless IP address management task. Until, that is, Gary Mello bought IPControl™ from BT Diamond IP to help make things simpler.

Now, Gary’s colleagues in IT are in full control. They find everything so easy to work with, they don’t need specialist help. They can automatically track the bank’s 3,000 network-attached devices too. That saves time and money and protects precious assets. It’s what great banking is all about.

BT IPControl was selected because it had the functionality, features, and flexibility that met our needs.”
- Gary Mello,
Assistant Vice President, SunTrust Bank


SunTrust Bank is one of the largest financial holding companies in the United States, with total assets of $190 billion. Through its banking subsidiaries it provides deposit, credit, trust, and investment services to a broad range of retail, business, and institutional clients. Other SunTrust subsidiaries offer mortgage banking, brokerage, investment management, equipment leasing, and capital market services.

The Atlanta-based bank has 1,497 retail branches and 2,243 ATMs in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia. In addition, it offers full multi-channel banking including internet, PC, and automated telephone options.

That huge physical and virtual coverage makes big demands upon the SunTrust network infrastructure. That, in turn, makes IP address management a business critical issue. Gary Mello, SunTrust assistant vice president, explains: “We could see that a central IP address management system would enable different SunTrust information services teams to manage the task themselves, instead of us having to dedicate people specifically for that role. That would not only release time to attend to more strategic functions, but also increase our organizational agility.”


SunTrust chose BT Diamond IPControl™, which supports the entire IP address lifecycle for both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. It enables cohesive and simplified management of IP address space, subnets, DNS, DHCP, and individual address assignment in one integrated solution. BT Diamond also provides SunTrust with end-to-end support 24x7.

“We always share examples of technical best practice to ensure that the client realizes maximum value and gets a trouble-free installation,” says Alex Drescher, director of Technical Services at BT Diamond IP. Gary Mello adds: “Alex lives and breathes this stuff on a daily basis. The time he spent with us was way beyond what we expected. The certainty that we were going down the right path was invaluable.”

The test and approval phase involved investigating the BT Diamond IP feature set and mapping it onto the SunTrust business model. Gary Mello provides an example: “We had some processes we didn’t want to let go of. The innate flexibility of IPControl allowed us to keep those and move forward.”


An efficient and reliable systems environment is built on well-run IP address management. SunTrust keeps track of its 3,000-plus devices using the Discover Router Subnet process every night. The following morning, SunTrust knows where every Layer 3 device is, right down to the last router. Unexpected results are tracked and corrected.

“We have a strict change control policy,” notes Gary Mello. “IPControl helps us discover any differences between what is in IPControl and what is on each of the Layer 3 devices, thus allowing for discrepancies to be addressed on a daily basis. From an efficiency standpoint, it really helps us keep track.”

There are other, less obvious, advantages. For example, keeping the systems environment aligned with the real estate portfolio not only improves asset management but also assures even higher security levels.

“IPControl has flexible user-defined fields,” explains Gary Mello. “With other vendors we could only use a single site identifier, and would have had to put additional information in a generic comment field.” That would not give the ability to search separately on critical fields, severely limiting reporting options. “With IPControl we can, for example, call up all the sites in Orlando,” adds Gary, “which is very important for us.”

In summary, IPControl allows distributed systems management, optimising the use of people resources, while central verification keeps everything in step. Gary Mello adds: “Furthermore, the BT Professional Services team really made the difference. They have been outstanding.”

About the BT Diamond IP solution

Full lifecycle management

BT Diamond IP is a leading provider of software and appliance products and services that help customers effectively manage complex IP networks.

IPControl™, the most comprehensive IP address management (IPAM) solution on the market today, is available as a software application or pre-installed on Sapphire appliances. It provides centralized full lifecycle management of mission critical IP management functions including IPv4 and IPv6 address space assignment, allocation/reallocation, pool monitoring, utilization tracking and creation, and deployment of multi-vendor DNS and DHCP configurations.

Flexible and integrated

IPControl offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to critical network IP address management tasks, with flexible deployment options to integrate into a multi-vendor DNS/DHCP infrastructure. The product has a friendly graphical user interface, and unsurpassed customization capability via the ExtenSimple™ architecture. Safeguarding network integrity and security, IPControl automatically validates information as it is entered, preventing users creating IP address management problems through incorrect data input.

Intuitive and comprehensive

Designed for enterprises and service providers with distributed network locations, IPControl software and Sapphire hardware enable them to remotely administer IPAM policies and DNS/DHCP services from an intuitive central system. Meanwhile, they enjoy the peace of mind that comes from centralized patches and upgrades, and built-in security and redundancy features. Sapphire appliances provide the most comprehensive IPAM feature set with the ability to monitor and manage distributed servers all from a single holistic web user interface.

Core BT Diamond IP products and services

  • IPControl™
  • 24x7 Annual Gold Maintenance
  • Professional Services


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