DPRTE 2016

DPRTE 2016

Motor Point Arena, Cardiff, United Kingdom
16 March 2016

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Defence Procurement, Research, Technology & Exportability event. The UK’s leading Defence Procurement event
Motor Point Arena, Cardiff
United Kingdom

How BT engages with the MoDs supply chain, 1pm, Procurement and Supply Chain Knowledge Transfer Zone

Our aim at BT Defence is to enable the UK’s Armed Forces to achieve Information Superiority - on the home base, on the move, or when deployed. Using secure mobile communications and global connectivity we can help you get the right information to the right place at the right time.

Join us on our stand, or at 1pm in the Procurement and Supply Chain Knowledge Transfer Zone to hear how BT engages with the MoDs Supply Chain.

Commanding Officer of the MOD Defence Centre for Training Support, says: “In the current challenging economic climate there are significant pressures within the MOD to reduce costs whilst protecting or enhancing capability. BT has provided proactive and innovative input in support of this aspiration through recent partnership work on the Defence Learning Portal. Our relationship with BT is now stronger than ever and together we remain committed to improving the experience for our learners.”



BT Advise

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Your trusted guide in this connected world

Enabling Information Superiority

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At home – on the move – when deployed.

The Smart Defence Base

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Resilient, flexible, scalable and connected.