Rethinking the risk

BT at RSA Conference 2016.

Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA, United States
29 February - 04 March 2016

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RSA USA is a key security conference, connecting attendees with the technology, trends and people that will protect our digital world.
Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA
United States

One of the security world’s best-kept secrets.

RSA Conference is helping drive the information security agenda worldwide.

Did you know?

BT secures more than 20 million card payments every day as well as more than £250bn in transactions. Every day. On top of that, we secure the world’s largest cloud used by the financial services industry.

Connect to Protect

This year’s theme is Connect to Protect, in the areas of cyber, internet of things, innovation and data security. Things you may not know BT’s already rather good at.

For example, did you know BT employs over 2000 security practitioners as well as 500 global security consultants helping our customers find the best security solutions for their organisations? That’s the largest security team in the telco industry.

RSA 2016

Join us at booth 707

Join us in the South Hall at booth 707 to discover how we can help protect you from evolving security threats.  Please stop by to take part in our in-booth events. 

Our booth becomes a battlefield for PACKETWARS™.
Packetwars™ is the world’s first cyber sport. By simulating cyber operations, including offensive, defensive and advanced hacking techniques, we can train and assess cyber warriors. Join us as Red and Blue teams go head-to-head to achieve their respective objectives of a targeted attack and reasonable response.

Monday Feb 29        - 6:15pm – 6:35pm
Tuesday March 1      - 11:30am – 11:50am 
                                4:00pm – 4:20pm 
                                5:10pm – 5:30pm
Wednesday March 2 – 10:50am – 11:10pm 
                                12:50pm – 1:10pm
                                4:45pm – 5:05pm
Tues., Mar 1st  - 2:30pm – 3:30pm 
Craig Smith, CEO of Theia Labs, Inc. will be signing copies of his new book, ‘The Car Hacker’s Handbook’ at booth S707.

In Booth  Presentations:
Tues., Mar 1st - 12:00PM – 12:20PM
, “True Enterprise Identity and Access Management in the Cloud’.” Doug Simmons will present about the notable trends and business drivers for the adoption of cloud IAM and the considerations you need to make when looking to develop a  Cloud IAM strategy.

Wed., Mar 2nd - 2:00pm – 2:15 pm, “Ask the Expert”
Join BT’s Bryan Fite, Senior Cyber Security Consultant and Levi Gundert, Recorded Future’s VP of Threat Intelligence, for a Q&A session at booth S707. It’s your opportunity to ‘Ask the Expert’ what’s on your mind in security. Hear more about Bryan’s whitepaper ‘The Power of Logs’ and Levi’s white paper ‘Aim Small, Miss Small: Producing a World-Class Threat Intelligence Capability’.
Wed., Mar 2nd  - 4:00PM – 4:15pm
Join BT and Zscaler for an exciting announcement at booth S707. Learn how BT and Zscaler work together to improve your internet performance and security.

The Rise of the Hacking Machines

Please join BT on Wednesday March 2, 11:30, when Konstantinos Karagiannis, CTO, Security Consulting Practice, BT Americas will discuss The Rise of the Hacking Machines.

The field of narrow AI has undergone a sea change in the past year. While Watson has evolved from winning at Jeopardy! to diagnosing cancer, narrow or focused AI has also been applied to numerous other industries, including infosec. Furthered by DARPA, the era of machines that can hack (and patch) software is here. What impacts will this have on an industry already facing constant change? Konstantinos will also be representing the dark side in the Packet Wars being fought on the BT booth throughout the conference.

BT and Intel working together

Oliver Newbury, Chief Technology Officer BT Security and Raj Samani, Chief Technology Officer Intel Security discuss how BT and Intel Security are helping customers tackle the increase in cyber-attacks. Their strategy includes collaboration, up-to-date intelligence and a new managed security ecosystem. Join us at the booth to see product demonstrations.

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RSA 2016 Battle Briefing

PDF - 6 MB

The Battle Briefing for our Packetwars Simulation that we will be debuting at RSA this year.

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