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Using BT MeetMe we have freed up 830 bed days over two years, improving the lives of 130 patients

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Enabling transformation across the health sector

The NHS and other health organisations provide a wide range of essential services to the public across the UK, but they are under increasing pressure to control spiraling costs whilst at the same time improve service.  All of this is required against a background of a growing, ageing and more demanding population with more complicated health conditions.

At BT we work right across the NHS, and other health organisations, throughout the country. Through this depth and breadth of experience we understand the key challenges the health service faces.

Art of Connecting for Government and Health-Customer Stories

It’s not about the technology it’s what that technology enables. We work with our customers to deliver outcomes that matter to your organisation, your employees and the public.

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Delivering higher quality patient care at lower cost

The financial challenge facing health in the UK is unprecedented, the savings required over the next few years require transformative change. See how we can help you deliver savings whilst improving delivery of your services >

Enabling your people wherever they need to be

By giving your acute, community or mental health teams ... nursing or medical ... the right tools with access to the right data where and when they need it most, you can increase their productivity and your service levels at the same time. See how we can help you to enable your people wherever they need to be >

Improving lives through joined-up health & social care

As the population grows, ages and lives with more chronic conditions, the need to integrate the health and social system intensifies. Access to a 360 degree view of patient information can reduce risks, and deliver more effective care. See how we can help you to connect professionals across your local health and social care economy >

Managing long term chronic conditions to avoid preventable hospital admissions

We can no longer afford to have large numbers of people turning up at the hospital front door. As the population ages, people have more chance of multiple chronic conditions and, if not proactively managed, these lead to huge cost pressures throughout the system. See how we can help you manage conditions in patients' homes more effectively, and proactively avoid unnecessary admissions to hospital >

Innovating for the future – closing the funding gap together

As we set out to close the gap between funding and demands faced by today’s NHS, there is an opportunity to bring together technology and ways of working to transform the delivery of care.  See how we can help you to gain new insights and innovations to address your challenges >

Protecting patient data

With Cyber crime on the rise and attacks becoming more complex by the day, protecting and assuring the integrity of patient data in paramount. See how we can help you keep your valuable patient data secure from Cyber attacks and security breaches >